Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

This year, I can’t WAIT for Spring to arrive. It has been a long, cold winter. After the holiday cheer and the new year refreshing and the cozy-by-the-fire feelings wore off, my home felt heavy with cold, negative energy. I enjoy snow and the chill in the air for a few weeks—or even a few Read More

Small Space, Big Fragrance: Home Fragrance for Apartment Dwellers

When you’re living in a small, downtown apartment (like I am), you might assume you don’t need much in the way of home fragrance products to keep your small space smelling fresh. But what I’ve discovered after years of living in an apartment is that the smaller the space, the more need there is for Read More

Smell. The final sensory frontier? Aromachology might get us there.

Even though I grew up with a very kind-hearted and loving father, he smoked cigars. There’s no way I found anything he did off-putting, but I disliked the smell of his cigar smoke. There’s nothing pleasing for me about it today either, though I do think of my Dad the moment my nose detects it. Read More

Ultrasonic Diffuser Blends to Try This Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I have an extreme aversion to bad smells…dirty socks, smelly sink drains, anything in the bathroom (lol): can’t stand them! And on Valentine’s Day, nothing kills the romantic mood like a foul stench in the air… I’ve used almost every fragrance product out there to get rid of any Read More

We “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with These Aromas

Are you “Crazy in Love”? Do you love “Just the Way (She) Look(s) Tonight”? Do you have a “Funny Valentine”? Do you hope you and your loved one will say “Let’s Stay Together”? Are you ready to say, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered: I’m Yours” to your Valentine? Are you and your Valentine an “Eternal Flame”? You Read More

All You Need is Love…And These Fragrances

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m seeing advertisements telling me I should buy my loved one expensive jewelry, high-end flower arrangements, decadent chocolate covered strawberries with gold leaf, and, the ever random, new car. (TBH, I don’t understand how anyone would be cool with their partner buying a new car for any Read More

Aromatherapy Scent Pendant: Can a product be your friend?

I recently had the opportunity to try a new addition to The Gift of Scent product offerings. And I’m ready to call this product my friend. Its name is “Aromatherapy Scent Pendant™” from the Belle Aroma® brand of fragrance diffusers. It’s a locket with a pretty ceramic flower charm inside which you can load with Read More

Peppermint Essential Oil: Oh, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways…

Mentha x Piperita in Latin. We call it “peppermint,” a natural cross between water mint and spearmint.  When the flowery parts of this hybrid plant are pressed and compounded, the emerging oils become the wonderfulness of peppermint essential oil (EO) used in the making of candy canes that pop up everywhere this time of year.   Read More

Are Wax Melts Warmers Replacing Wax and Wicked Candles?

View more View more It’s no secret that wax melts and wax warmers are booming in popularity with even the oldest candle brands expanding to the flameless option. The wax warmer is the latest 2020 home trend, even soy candles are last year’s news. Continue reading to find out why you should and why it’s Read More

Improve Your Drive Time with Aromatherapy and Automobile Air Fresheners

Can we talk? This stay-at-home thing is, well, getting us down. We’ve turned a corner, but still hitting some major bumps. I’m looking for any form of relief and diversion I can find, so when the need came up recently to take a long-distance drive, I jumped at it. Got my books on tape. Next Read More