It’s no secret that wax melts and wax warmers are booming in popularity with even the oldest candle brands expanding to the flameless option. The wax warmer is the latest 2020 home trend, even soy candles are last year’s news.

Continue reading to find out why you should and why it’s worth making the switch.

What are wax melts warmers?

Wax melt warmers are electric warmers that apply heat on wax melts or wax tarts, emitting strong scents. Wax melts warmers also come with timers and strength settings so you can easily manipulate how strong and how long you want your warmer to run. 

Aromas, intensity, and even duration on your own terms. Enjoy the fresh bouquet of a garden or scents that evoke memories from your favorite childhood holiday in the privacy of your own home.

What do you use with wax warmers?

You can use your favorite wax melts on wax warmers, but we recommend the No-Melt Tarts. They do not melt on low heat, which is all you need to release a robust scent to fill an entire room. No melting, no cleanup, no care. 

Most wax warmers aren’t able to control the strength or heat of essential oils, so make sure your wax warmer is compatible with oils first. If you love your essential oils, the Belle Aroma® ScenTrio Warmer and Plugables® Fragrance Vase Warmer come highly recommended. Use them with scented wax melts, No-Melt Tarts, or 100% pure essential oils.

Are wax melts warmers safe?

Because they are flameless, they are safer than your traditional wax and wicked candles. No need to keep a constant eye on them. Grab a wax warmer with a timer that will automatically shut down after four to twelve hours, or safely leave it on continuously from day to night worry-free.

Safety first! Wax warmers, though free of flames, employ heat to release scents from wax melts. Once the fragrance fades, allow the unit, wax melts or tarts, or the essential oil to cool before handling. Cleanup is easy, even nonexistent.

Where can I buy wax melts warmers?

Skip the line at the store and shop for a new wax warmer here at Gift of Scents. Save on shipping costs by grabbing a handful of wax melts or our best selling no-melt tarts. 

Where is the best place to put wax warmers?

Anywhere and everywhere (near a power outlet). There are tabletop warmers the size of a charming vase and plug-in wax warmers that double as compact, aesthetic wall fixtures. Wax warmers are able to release robust or intense aromas consistently no matter where you place them.

Gift of Scent also offers its latest product – the FlashScent® USB Aromatherapy Diffuser – so you can even place one in your car for relaxing travels or a personal scent diffuser for hotel rooms.

The Takeaway

Yes, wax melts and wax melt warmers are positioned to replace your traditional wax and wicked candles. They are the safer, most cost-effective, and the most aesthetic scent companion and design accessories for your home. Taking into account the price tag of one wax warmer and a handful of wax melts or tarts of varied fragrances, you’re getting more bang for your buck versus purchasing just one large jar of a premium candle.

Choose from a wide variety of no-melt tarts and team it with our best wax warmers – a Scentrio Warmer with a timer for your bedroom, a Fragrance Vase Wax Warmer for the living area, and a plug-in USB diffuser for your travels. 

Easily change between fragrances you love in no time at all. Forget the cleanup and residue after. 

Order from Gift of Scent for the greatest deals on the best wax warmers and for the perfect holiday gifts this season.