The Gift of Scent has just added a new shiny bright object to its collection of fragrance diffusion gotta-haves for well-being and attitude.

It’s an aromatherapy diffuser that looks like a USB and fits into USB ports. Wherever you find them, which these days is almost everywhere.

Called FlashScent® USB Aromatherapy Diffuser, it’s from the Belle Aroma® brand of fragrance diffusers.

You load several drops of essential oil, included with purchase, onto a cottony absorption pad. Close the housing, and insert the unit into a USB port in your laptop, desktop, or the wall at home, hotel, or in your car’s dash. Yes, that’s right. Most cars have USB ports, too.

As the fragrance warms the USB power source, it diffuses, ever so subtly but effectively into your airspace.

The open filigree design is so elegant and allows for a good fragrance throw. But it’s not so strong that it will bother your work or housemates. Because USB ports are everywhere, you might find yourself taking it everywhere.

Sold in two colorways, with either lavender essential oil for a relaxing feel, or peppermint, when you want to perk things up a bit.

Turns out there’s a couple of smiles stored in there. My nose and spirits are just loving it!

Jean Van Gray for The Gift of