A healthy, simple and eco-friendly spa room aroma diffuser have a continuous mist and a beautiful lighting effect. So we can easily send this as a gift to our friends, relatives, lovers and others. The fragrance and mist also supports your sensory experience.

How time flies, Christmas day is also getting closer. So what are you going to prepare for your lover? Have not thought yet? Take a look at my Christmas gift ideas. How about a unique and healthy gift?

In the past years, I always send out many common gifts include chocolates, flowers, perfumes.

This year, I want to give some unique and healthy gifts to my lover, family and friends. One item is caught my attention – The Aickar Bamboo Shoot Series ABNB-1188.

It is a great healthy and green gift for Christmas. It is an aroma diffuser that vaporizes water and essential oil instantly, produce a dry fragrant mist to refresh and moisturize air in rooms.

Relief your spirit, mind and body with aromatherapy. The 300ml essential oil diffuser ABNB-1188 does not heat the liquid, so ingredients are preserved and become part of the vapor.

Filled your room with health benefiting aroma, the essential oil diffuser ensure you enjoy a more pleasant day, a better sleep at night and scent of a healthier living.  Read More…




Digital journal introduced spa room that we need everyday-

SpaRoom Essentials is pleased to introduce its perfect combination of aromatherapy, healthy humidification and essential oil line of products in time for the holiday season.

SpaRoom Essentials products are designed to provide the health and wellness spa markets with a better sensory experience–anytime, anywhere.

From healthy humidification and soothing aromatherapy to the perfect slipper, anyone can create a spa-like feeling that will enhance their environment wherever they go.

Many of SpaRoom’s products have already gained acceptance by leading salons, spas and specialty retailers throughout the U.S., and also in Europe.

“We are very excited to launch this line of wellness and aromatherapy products as SpaRoom™ Essentials!” says President Les Wagenheim.

“Each product has a distinguishable feature that will improve the quality of anyone’s home, work or travel experience. We are also thrilled with our new products that will be showcased in early 2014.”

Available SpaRoom Essentials products include:

AromaMist™ – an ultrasonic, spa humidifier and oil diffuser all in one. The AromaMist uses smart, safe, ultrasonic pulsations to create a long-lasting, tranquil mist.

Add a few drops of essential oil to enhance the mist and provide immediate, soothing aromatherapy. The lighting feature emits a glowing blue, pink or multi-colored ring of light to enhance your tranquil spa experience. Just a half-cup of water will last up to three hours, and the AromaMist will automatically shut off when empty.

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