Less is More! You’ve probably heard this saying many times. Well, it’s true when talking about wax warmers. We often get asked “how long does your wax cubes last?”


This is a hard question to answer, as there are many contributing factors. We test all our fragrances using a 25 watt bulb warmer and a tea light warmer. Placement is key. Keep your warmer away from fans and drafts.


I used to think it would help circulate the aroma, but that is not the case. I also used to think that I would increase the scent throw by adding additional wax to “old” wax to “freshen it up”. That doesn’t work. Always empty your wax when the scent has fully evaporated.





So we’re back to the question “how long does your wax cubes last?” We average approximately 16 hours for two cubes in a 25 watt warmer. Believe it or not, we get an awesome throw from our little tea light warmer.


Our wax melts are heavily scented because this particular form of wax will hold more fragrance oil than the candles. So a little goes a long way. Some fragrances are so strong that we have to turn off our electric warmer after an hour or so.


Other fragrances are naturally lighter and provide a subtle aroma without “smacking you in the face”.


Before we jump right into “how long do Scentsy Bars last”, let me explain exactly what a Scentsy Bar is for those who do not know.


What is a Scentsy Bar?

A Scentsy Bar is a wax melt that is 3.2 oz. of fragrant wax poured into a container to harden.  Scentsy wax never evaporates into the air like wicked candle wax. So, it will never disappear as only the scent is released when heating. Scentsy Bars are heated by a wax warmer. They have numerous benefits over wicked candles in terms of safety, scent, convenience, price, and more.


Each bar has 8 breakaway cubes. Bars are available in more than 80 exclusive Scentsy scents and the wax cubes are created to warm in an authentic Scentsy warmer.


How long do Scentsy bars last for in terms of scent?

There are several factors that will affect how long your fragrance will last.  Things such as high ceilings, humidity, the type of wax warmer you are using, and the strength of the fragrance molecules in the scents you select. So, now that the boring stuff is finished. Let’s talk about smell-good time.


Scentsy Bar Scent Time

Scent time is defined as the amount of time your warmer is on and the wax is in a melted state.


Technically, Scentsy states that a cube of wax will produce a strong fragrance for 6 – 8 hours of warming time before needing to be replaced.  In my opinion, some heavier scents last far longer than 8 hours. I leave my warmers on 24 hours a day and my Blueberry Cheesecake and other strong scents are pumping out their glory for 3 days (72 hours) at a time.  But every nose is different.


And that’s the crux of the whole question.  Every nose is different.  There is no real scent time that I can tell you. So, that’s a GOOD thing.


Your Nose Knows Best

Would you like it if I told you that you need to change your wax after 3 days when you can come home and still smell your incredible scent 2 weeks later?  Then you would feel like you wasted your wax.  You would have a great impression of Scentsy Bars, but a not-so-great impression of me.  Right? Hence, it’s really hard to answer how long do Scentsy Bars last for exactly.


Or the reverse is true as well.  I tell you it can last up to 2 weeks but you no longer smell your favorite scent after 3 days. Now, who has a case of the whomp whomp whaaas?  We both do.


How long a cube of wax lasts is completely up to your nose and a few other factors, as mentioned above.


Will 1 cube in 1 warmer be enough for a huge room with high ceilings?  For me, the answer is no but for you, it might be perfect.


Do you use the same scent all the time?  That can produce anosmia.


Is the air in your space incredibly humid?  If so, you might find the scent lasting longer because the fragrant molecules have something to “grab” hold of – the moisture in the air.


“How many Scentsy cubes should I use in my warmer”

As I am often asked this question, and it comes into play for how long wax melts last for, the quick and easy answer is one or two cubes will do!



How long do Scentsy Bars last in storage?

If a Scentsy Bar is stored correctly, the shelf life is around 12 months. This is an important point to note for Scentsy lovers who enjoy rotating their wax melts on a regular basis.


Here are a few tips on how to correctly store your Scentsy Bars so you can achieve maximum shelf life:

  • Store them in a cool, dark place (room temperature is good, we just don’t want our bars hitting direct sunlight and getting hot; also avoid storage near the oven!).
  • Lay them flat whenever possible (note: Scentsy Consultants hang them up on pegs temporarily for fairs and exhibitions shows which is perfectly ok for a short time).
  • Try not to keep your Scentsy Bars in the car for too long (cars are hot and if the sun is hot, aka summer time shine, your bars can melt).


First come, first serve! Be sure to rotate your oldest bars to the front of your stash so you use them first.

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An entire bar can last 50-80 hours depending on the scent notes in the fragrance, so one cube last 6.25-10 hours. You can make your wax retain scent longer if you only warm it to the point your room is filled with scent, and then turn it off. Also, when your cube is all out of fragrance, be sure to remove the unscented wax from your warmer before adding new wax – since the unscented wax will dilute the fragrance in the new cube and the scent will last a shorter amount of time.




“Fragrance throw” is the nomenclature given to assess the strength of scent dispersed from wax melts and candles. In the melting community, fragrance throw is classified into two categories: “hot” and “cold” throw. “Cold throw” is the release of fragrance when the wax melts are at room temperature, not yet warmed, and solid (i.e., just out of the package). “Hot throw” is the release of fragrance once the wax melts have been warmed. Generally, the difference between hot and cold throw is classified in terms of the strength of scent and also in terms of the character of the scent.


Most 1-oz wax melts will warm in an electric warmer with a strong scent throw ranging anywhere from 8–12 hours, depending on the scent type, size of your wax melt, and whether you’re burning your wax melt continuously or in intervals. Here are a couple of things that can also affect how long your wax melt scents last:


#1. Type of Warmer Used


The hotter your wax warmer gets, the more intense your scent will be, but it will have a corresponding shorter time for scent release. Similarly, if you have a wax warmer that is colder in terms of warming temperature, it will release a milder hot throw, but the scent will last for a longer period. If you’re experimenting with using a potpourri crock, they can get too hot for your wax melts and quickly burn the fragrance out of your melt, causing it lose scent quickly.


We recommend pairing the branded wax melts or tarts you prefer with their corresponding wax warmer. This is because no two companies have the same recipe for their wax melts; different combinations of oil-to-wax ratios require different temperatures to melt. Most wax melt brands will set their wax warmers to a pre-manufactured temperature specific to their wax melt recipe. For example, this company elicited a similar response when replying to customers who noted that the wax melts they ordered smelled different in one wax warmer vs. another.


Also, if you have a wax warmer without a timer, make sure you set an alarm so that you don’t waste your wax melts’ scent. Another option is to get a wax warmer with an integrated timer so that it turns off automatically. We offer a warmer with settings for 3, 6, and 9 hours with a light-up main button that allows you to easily manage the duration of your fragrance delivery.


Happy Wax Wax Warmer Timer


#2. Oil-to-Wax Ratio


Typically, most candle companies use 1 oz of fragrance oil per 1 lb of wax. That’s about a 6% fragrance oil concentration; the amount of fragrance oil concentration in your wax melts can directly affect how long your wax melts last. This is because—depending on the type of wax—the fragrance oil can only bind itself to a certain amount of wax. When comparing three different companies’ wax melts, we estimate that Yankee Candle Wax Melts have a 6% fragrance oil concentration and Goose Creek Wax Melts have an estimated 11% fragrance oil concentration, while our Happy Wax® Melts include a 12.5% fragrance oil concentration.



Wax Melts With A 12.5% Fragrance Oil Concentration


This also applies to the size and shapes of the wax melts or tarts that you wish to melt. Some companies will sell their wax melts in terms of wax bars, brittle, cubes, or shapes. While wax melt bars or cubes may be bigger in size and weight, we recommend that you break up cubes any bigger than 0.55 ounces. This is because cubes that are denser are meant to last for a longer amount of time. In some cases, this isn’t the best use of your money if you don’t plan to wait around for more than 10 hours. Another option is to use wax melts or tarts that have been scaled to a smaller size so that you don’t have to break them up. That way you can more accurately adjust your preferred “hot throw” concentration, reducing your amount of “wax waste” and dollars spent! We recommend these cute little bears that you can build on top of each other.



Wax Melts Spa Mix


#3.  Essential Oil vs. Fragrance Oil


The type of oil mixed into your wax melts can also affect how long your wax melts last. There are two types of oils that most wax melters and candle makers use to give you those luscious scents: fragrance oil and essential oil.


Fragrance oils are a mixture of various chemical compounds, some natural and some synthetic. They are carefully formulated and blended to create a high-quality perfume. Fragrance oils are commonly used as the “carrier oil” or base when making candles or wax melts. Because fragrance oils are synthetically made, they are not volatile and generally last longer than essential oils.




Essential Oils are natural oils that contain the essence of the plant. They are the liquid or the resin from the plant that is distilled, pressed, or extracted from different parts of the plant—flowers, root, bark, berries, etc. It usually takes hundreds of pounds of plant material to make a pound of essential oil. For example, it takes over 2,000 pounds of rose petals to make a pound of rose essential oil (which is why it’s so expensive).




Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, as they are extracted from certain aromatic plants to promote emotional and physical well-being. Their powerful aroma molecules are diffused into the surrounding air as the wax melts. When inhaled, the fragrance can help soothe and revitalize.




#4. How You Store Your Wax Melts


The way you store your wax melts or tarts can directly affect their character, duration, and scent throw. To ensure that you get the most out of your wax melts and their shelf life, make sure you store your wax melts in a cool, dark place. We find that storing your wax melts in a bathroom cabinet above the sink or in a drawer most convenient to your warmer makes sense. Refrain from exposing your melts to direct sunlight for an extended period, as this exposure to heat will begin to affect the fragrance binding to the wax. When you choose where to store your melts, make sure you move the older melts to the front of your wax melt stash so you remember to use them next.


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