You have this fancy new device that everyone told you about, and now you have no idea what to do with it. Question number one is always how many drops of essential oil go in a 100 ml diffuser?


Don’t worry you aren’t alone! A lot of people new to essential oils and diffusers have these questions and we’re here to answer them.


While most boxes will instruct you to use tap water it isn’t the best choice or your system. For long-term system health, use filtered water.


Why? Well, this drops the rate of build-up that you’ll eventually see in the diffuser.





Much like a humidifier, there is a lot of water going through a small, heated, device. This means that the cleaner water you start with, the cleaner your diffuser will stay!


When you’re setting up your diffuser there should be either a fill line or a cup with a fill measurement. Load it up with water and plug your diffuser in. The hard part is already done.


Really the greatest thing about diffusers (next to all the great environmental benefits from essential oils) is that they are so easy to operate. It’s a treat to just pour some water in, and turn on a system for a great boost to the room.



How to properly use an essential oil diffuser- The definitive guide on diffusing essential oils for beginners. Simple steps and recipes that will have you diffusing essential oils confidently.


Essential Oil diffusers are super popular almost everyone has one. But did you know there are some do’s and don’t’s with using an essential oil diffuser? This post is going to show you how to get the most out of diffusing essential oils.


I’m a little obsessed with creating and diffusing essential oils recipes.


But I wasn’t always this confident with diffusing essential oils.


Three years ago I was finally coming around to the idea of Essential Oils. I had been watching from the sidelines for about three years and to be honest I really wanted to try essential oils. But I was scared.


Yes, you read that right, my journey to starting essential oils began over 6 yrs ago!


If you are ready to start your journey with Young Living. I’d love to be the one to get you going for success.


premium starter kit oils from Young Living on a wood table

You see I had it in my brain that diffusing essential oils was really complicated.

and if I messed up I was seriously scared something just might blow up.


What was going to blow up?

I have no clue. It was just scared me talking.

But once I shoved my fears aside, I learned about a whole new fun world of essential oil uses and benefits.


What I found entering the world of essential oils is that diffusing essential oils is a great place for beginners to start.


Diffusing Essential Oils is really easy, plus it’s a great way to really reap the essential oil benefits that come from using a high-quality essential oil like the ones I use.


Some of my favorite Essential Oil Diffuser Uses are-

  • Diffusing essential oils to make my house smell good.
  • Using Essential Oils to support focus and concentration
  • Using Essential Oil diffuser recipes for supporting Sleep
  • Diffusing Essential Oils for babies sleep support and comfort
  • Diffusing Essential Oils for Energy and Motivation
  • Using Essential Oil Diffuser recipes for wellness support


There are many more benefits to using essential oils in aromatherapy the above list just happens to be some of my favorites.


In this post, I’m going to prove to you how easy and simple it is to diffuse essential oils.


We are going to talk about Diffusing:


How to use a diffuser

  • Essential Oil Diffuser Usage- Where can you diffuse essential oils?
  • How much essential oil you can use in a diffuser
  • How much is too much essential oil to use while diffusing
  • What to do if you screw up (I promise I have a simple easy fix)
  • How long can you diffuse essential oils
  • What oils should you diffuse
  • Where to buy essential oils online


Plus, I’m going to give you a Free PDF to download of my favorite beginner diffusing essential oils recipes!

When you leave this post I want all your beginner questions for diffusing essential oils answered and you excited and ready to give essential oils a try. I promise you won’t regret it.


*This post contains affiliate links to the essential oils and other products I talk about in the post. The statements made and the products mentioned on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please talk with your medical professional before using essential oils.


diffusing essential oils recipes with diffuser and essential oil bottles on a wood table




How to use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oils diffusers work by adding water to a reservoir and then adding drops of essential oil to the water.


When you turn it on, the ultrasonic plate inside the diffuser vibrates and turns the water and oil mixture into a mist. This mist then travels out of the top of the diffuser and into the air.


Breathing in Essential oils is a form of Aromatherapy and a great way to benefit from the use of Essential oils.



Essential Oil Diffuser Usage- Where can you diffuse

Did you know you can use and essential oil diffuser just about anywhere? There are tons of places that essential oil diffusers can go.


Some of my favorite places to use my diffuser are:


At home, I like to use my Young Living Diffusers. I seriously have one in just about every room. The Young Living Desert Mist is my all time favorite diffuser. It’s a great purchase when you buy it as part of the premium starter kit because the savings basically means your getting your diffuser for free. And I love saving money and this is an amazing diffuser!


In the home- I diffuse in the Kitchen, Office, Living room, bedrooms, baby nursery, bathrooms, porch, laundry/ mudroom, schoolroom, etc.


Showing a Description of the Young Living Premium starter kit with 12 oils and a diffuser.



I work from home but I have friends who also diffuse at work. You just need to talk with your boss to make sure it’s okay.


While traveling, I have an essential oil diffuser for my car. It’s a smaller diffuser but it allows us to take it oils and use them easily everywhere we go I like it because it is powered with a USB cord so I can typically plug it in when we get to whatever hotel we are staying out.



How many drops of essential oil do you use in a diffuser?


Oh man, did I screw this up the first time!


You see that beautiful big box holding my premium starter kit showed up on my doorstep and it was just like Christmas.


After a quick happy dance, I was tearing the box open and just staring in awe at my new oils and diffuser.


I could smell those amazing oils not even opened and I was in total love. The whole starter kit just smelled amazing!


My first step was to grab the diffuser and throw in 10- 12 drops of oil from a recipe I found on Pinterest and hit the go button.


1 minute later I was hacking up a lung. With my eyes watering and my nose running, I yanked the plug of my diffuser out the wall and ran out my front door. Kids in tow.


The whole time wondering if I had made some huge mistake. What in the crap did I buy?

Much to my surprise, I didn’t blow anything up.

But I learned a great lesson.

With essential oils, a little goes a LONG, LONG way!

and that there is no shame in starting out with 2-4 drops of oil.



  • This is super important-

For beginners, I suggest using only 2-6 drops of essential oil to 180ml of water. This is called a dilution ratio. (drops of oil per ml of water)


**For households where there are small babies, I keep it to 1-2 drops of oil to 180ml water.

This means if you are using the Young Living Desert Mist Diffuser as a beginner, you will want to use no more than 6 drops.(I mention the Desert Mist because it comes in the premium starter kit and happens to be my all-time favorite essential oil diffuser)


 For More Advance Essential Oil Users

Later as you grow in your knowledge and use of oils you can adjust to using up to 10 drops of oils in the Desert Mist.

Yes, I know the Diffuser recipes out there in the Land of Pinterest will have some diffuser blends that are up to 10 drops or even more for your diffuser but trust me.


Until you have used oils for a while and are used to their potency, a little goes a long way. I’ve been using essential oils and creating diffusing essential oil recipes for over 3 yrs and I still most days keep to the beginner ratio I learned.


Watch this quick video. (it last less than 2 mins)  It does a great job showing how to set up and use the Desert Mist Diffuser. Trust me, you are going to be totally crushing over this diffuser once you see it in action.


It is amazing and so perfect for use anywhere in the house, even in the baby’s room. Plus it is super quiet.


NOTE**- Depending on the brand of essential oil diffuser you use, the water reservoir may hold different amounts of water.

Some only hold 100ml and some hold more. To avoid a mishap, if you use a brand other than the Young Living Desert Mist or Dew Drop you will need to do the math on the number of drops to use. To ensure you don’t overdo the oils.


READ: 100 Diffusing Essential Oils recipes you will want to try!


How do you know if you used too much essential oil in your diffuser?

Watch for these 4 signs to tell if you have used to much essential oil in your diffuser.



  1. Most times, if you use too much, the smell of the essential oil will be very overwhelming. But remember if you are congested or for some reason can’t smell well then you might not notice the smell.
  2. Your eyes are itchy, stinging or watery
  3. Your nose starts to run
  4. You begin to get a headache



What to do if you screw up and use too many oils

Follow these simple steps if you believe you have used to much essential oil in your diffuser.


Ventilate the area. Open up windows and doors so that you can introduce fresh air to the room.


Turn off the Essential Oil Diffuser

Allow the air in the room to clear of the excess essential oil. This may take awhile.

Using a Large Mason Jar or other glass container. Pour your Essential oil and water mixture into the Jar/ container.

Dilute the mixture by adding another 180ml to the essential oil and water mix in the mason jar.

Depending on how many drops of oil you use you may need to do this several times.

Refill your essential oil diffuser with the newly diluted essential oil diffuser mix and fill to the fill line.

Turn on the diffuser and give it a test to see.

If it’s still to strong dilute again.

Like I shared earlier, the first time I diffused I used way to much oil.


I ended up diluting my mix at least 3 times before I got it to where I could handle it.


Now when I try a brand new oil I only put 1-2 drops of the single oil in the diffuser so that I can test it out and see how I like it.


✅This is super important-

Remember: DILUTION is always the solution.



How long should you diffuse essential oils?

The standard rule of thumb is 15-20 minutes. That gives the diffuser plenty of time to disperse oils thru a standard size room. This will also create a subtle scent that can scent your room for hours.


You can then turn on your diffuser an additional 2-3 times a day as needed.


This recommendation is flexible because of different room sizes and also the temperature and airflow of the room.


For example-


We have a large open floor plan downstairs.


We have a lifestyle that there is always a door open with Kids coming and going. So we always have lots of fresh air coming in.


We also run a wood stove in the winter to heat our home so our house tends to be hotter than most. (heat makes the oils evaporate and break down out of the air faster)


With this scenario, I know that the oils I diffuse aren’t going to hang around as long. So choosing to diffuse for longer amounts of time I’m comfortable with.


But If I was diffusing in a closed-off space, or with pets or small children or someone with health issues I would stick with the 15-20 minutes. If you are diffusing essential oils around babies and small children just remember to keep the door open allowing fresh air to enter the space and 1-2 drops in your diffuser at a time.


Young Livings premium starter kit diffusing essential oils recipes with diffuser and essential oil bottles on a wood table



What oils should I diffuse?

For beginners, I like to suggest for their first ever diffusing session to try a single essential oil like:


  • Lemon
  • Lavender


These essential oils are great oils that are uplifting and are safe to use around children and pets.


They also have a light fragrance that you will already recognize. Being familiar with the scent will give you more confidence to try other essential oils.


I want to briefly hit on brands of oils.


Not all brands are created equal.


Many of the brands you find in box stores and online like on Amazon are only fragrance oils.


Fragrance oils are not therapeutic so while you can enjoy scenting your home with them the therapeutic benefits will not be there or at the least very minimal.


I suggest buying essential oils from a reputable supplier and making sure that they are of true Therapeutic quality.


I personally trust Young Living because they have been in the essential oil business for over 25 yrs and they control the entire process from the seed going into the ground to the bottle showing up at my door.


This gives me the confidence that the oils I’m getting are safe for my family to use.


I teach those who enroll in Young Living with me as their enroller/sponsor everything I know about oils. I want you to love them as much as me.



Can you use any essential oil in a diffuser?

All reputable oils should come with a label that states it’s intended use. If it can be used in an essential oil diffuser it will state for “Aromatic Use” and it should give a time length and how many times a day.


Don’t worry this is super easy to understand on the Young Living essential oil bottles.


And to make it even easier all the oils in the premium starter kit can be diffused. So no worries for beginners there.


The diffuser recipes I share are diluted so it’s safe to put them in your diffuser and just let it run until it runs out of oil and water or you tire of the diffuser running.



Where to buy Essential oils online

Buying your essential oils has never been easier.


I was hesitant at first to buy essential oils online.


But once I realized what an amazing company Young Living is, it was a no-brainer.


I like knowing they set high standards for their products so I don’t have to worry about quality.


I love how simple they make my life. And how easy it has become to live a healthier lifestyle for my family.


I want to partner with you and your family to help make essential oils easy.


All it takes is one easy step to get started.


That easy step is getting this awesome Premium Starter Kit with all you need to get started.


Premium starter kit oils from Young Living on a wood table


*If you buy essential oils online using my enroller link and number #3177383, you can get your oils at a huge discount and I promise I will actually teach you how to use your oils! Plus I will give you tons of great recipes to help make sure you get the most out of your investment.



Diffusing essential oils recipes

Want some great ideas on how to diffuse the oils you find in the premium starter kit?


Check out these simple essential oil diffuser recipes that will have your home smelling amazing!


Remember as an essential oil beginner you want to take diffusing easy. If you find these diffusing essential oils recipes to strong you can always add more water to dilute the recipe.


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