Our rich, electric scented wax warmers are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms and any other living spaces with up to 60 hours of long-lasting aroma on minimum setting (per three wax bar refills). Here’s how to create a warm and cosy ambience and a gorgeous fragrance without even so much as a flicker of a flame:

  • Plug your ceramic bowl into the wall
  • Switch the button to the “on” position
  • Break off one wax bar and place it in the centre of the bowl, making sure the bowl is clean and empty.





Wax melts and tarts have recently been seen moving into major retail stores. However, not everyone is familiar with this candle alternative, leaving customers asking, “How do you use wax melts?”


Candles are great for their smell and their ambiance; however, there are times when you don’t want to keep track of the flame or having to trim the wick. Wax melts, cubes, and tarts are meltable wax chunks that are warmed to release scent. Wax melts are scented bite-sized chunks of wax that are a flame-free, convenient candle alternative! Wax melts are placed in a wax warmer, and warmed usually with a hot plate or light bulb included with the warmer. To make this process easy, we have broken it down into a few simple steps.



#1. Find a Wax Melt or Tart Warmer


Using wax melts, tarts, or cubes requires a wax warmer. Wax melt or tart warmers come in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs. It’s imperative to use a warmer or burner specifically designed for wax melts, because any other type of warmer can reach temperatures much higher than designed for your wax melts, and this will quickly burn out your scent. It can also be dangerous to use a melter or burner that is not designed for wax melting.


#2. Read the Instructions


Open the packaging of your wax warmer and read the instructions and safety information that came with your new warmer. This is to ensure that you get the best use out of your wax melts, cubes, or tarts. If you have an electric warmer that comes with a light bulb, make sure to remove the plastic from around the bulb before you start melting. Wipe down the top of your wax warmer, or if you’re using a wax warmer liner, insert the liner into your warmer. If the pieces of your wax warmer are separate, set the bowl atop the base. If you’re using a wax warmer with a silicone dish, you do not need to put an additional wax liner or popper inside the dish!


#3. Choose your Wax Melts, Place a Wax Melt Inside the Warmer


To use your wax melts, cubes, or tarts, you need to check to see whether your wax is already broken apart into smaller sizes. If your wax melts come in the form of wax cubes, break off a piece (approximately 1 oz) and place it inside the warmer. For wax cubes, try not to use more than one melt at a time. If you are using smaller melts or wax melt bears, you can use 2–3 bears depending on your desired fragrance intensity. Once you have placed the wax melts in the burner, do not add water or oil to your wax melts.


#4. Turn on Your Warmer


To begin using your scented wax melts, cubes, or tarts, you will first need to turn your wax warmer on. If you have an electric warmer, find a safe space to begin your warming process and plug the electric warmer into any electrical outlet. Do not allow the cord to hang over the edge of a table or counter, and make sure the cord is not in contact with any hot surfaces. Press the “on” switch to activate your warmer, or follow the instructions that came with your warmer. If your warmer doesn’t have a timer, you will need to make sure you set an additional alarm or timer to keep track of how much wax you are using; you may also want to watch your warmer carefully, as some wax tends to overflow. If you have a wax melt warmer with a built-in timer, go ahead and set the timer to your desired time. Make sure not to move your warmer when it is holding a container of hot wax. Once you have turned your warmer “On” the wax will begin to melt and your room will be filled with fragrance!


#5. Turn the Wax Warmer Off


Once you are done using your scented wax melts, cubes, or tarts, you will need to make sure your wax warmer is turned off, especially if you don’t have a wax warmer with a built-in timer. After you have switched your warmer to its “off” setting, disconnect it from the wall by gripping the plug from its base; never pull the cord to disconnect. Wait for the wax to get cold and solidify before removing the used wax from your warmer.


#6. Remove Your Wax


Once the wax has cooled, you will either need to scrape the wax out of your melting dish, discard the liner, or—if you have a warmer with a silicone dish—gently nudge your dish from behind to pop the wax out! Just be sure not to discard used wax down the drain. To clean your wax warmer, take a paper towel and wipe down the area where you inserted the wax. For an easy clean, you can use a drop of baby oil. You can also use a warm, moist, soapy sponge or soft cloth to clean the dish inside. Wipe down with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners that can cause wear and tear to your wax warmers.

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Candle Warmers are electric warmers designed to melt jar candles instead of burning them. They allow candles to be used where burning is not allowed such as in offices, dormitories, apartments, etc.


The life of the candle, when using a jar warmer, is typically about the same as if burning the candle. When the candle is first used, because all of the wax is melted in the candle, it gives off more fragrance than if the candle is burned. Each time the candle is melted, some of the fragrance evaporates away while the wax remains. Eventually, the candle will lose much of its fragrance. The wax never disappears but the candle should be replaced when the scent level has diminished too much.




When using a candle warmer it will typically take 3-4 hours to fully melt a candle. Some people plug their candle warmers into electric timers to begin the melting process early and then shut it off when not needed. Not all candle warmers are the same. Some lower wattage models may not warm candles sufficiently to melt the wax.



Wax melts offer fragrances similar to scented candles, without a wick and potentially without a flame. Wax melts release fragrance as they get warm and begin to melt. The heat source may be a light bulb, electricity or a tealight candle, depending on the type of receptacle used to warm the wax in your wax tart warmer. Some warmers require wax melts or tarts of a specific size, so be sure to check the device before purchasing scented wax melts.



Flame-Powered Tart Warmers

Inspect the bowl portion of the wax warmer and wipe it out with a paper towel to remove dust. Set the bowl atop the burner base, if the pieces are separate. If the bowl is cracked or has any holes in it, it is not safe, and the warmer should be replaced.


Place a wax melt inside the bowl of the warmer. If the melts are small and the warmer’s bowl is comparatively large, add another melt of the same fragrance.



Light the wick of a tealight candle and place it in the warmer in the area beneath the bowl.


Blow out the wick on the tealight candle when you are finished using the warmer.


Electric Tart Warmers


Place a wax melt or tart in the bowl portion of a bowl-style electric warmer or slide a wax melt into the wax chamber of a tiny nightlight-style burner.The design varies based on brand, but some brands require melts specific to one style of warmer. Any warmer with a bowl on top fits a vast selection of wax melts.


Plug the electric wax warmer into a wall outlet. Flip the switch on the warmer to turn it on; many of these feature a light bulb so it is easy to tell when the warmer is on.


Turn the wax warmer off when you are finished using it and unplug it. If the bowl-style warmer is as small as a nightlight and rests against the outlet, allow the wax to harden before removing the device from the outlet to avoid spilling the wax. Remove hardened wax from the bowl once the wax cools by prying it out with a plastic knife, or leave it in the bowl if you wish to reuse it.


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