Can we talk? This stay-at-home thing is, well, getting us down. We’ve turned a corner, but still hitting some major bumps. I’m looking for any form of relief and diversion I can find, so when the need came up recently to take a long-distance drive, I jumped at it. Got my books on tape. Next question: what else will keep me on track for the long haul?

Motoring around on my favorite e-commerce site for travel goodies, I found some surprises.

The Gift of has introduced a new method of air freshening in an aromatherapy diffuser for cars! (Is that even a thing?) Now it is. In fact, the site has assembled an extensive collection of air fresheners and aromatherapy diffusers for driving in its Car and Travel tab. They’ve totally accommodated every driver’s preferences for in-vehicle fragrance, even aromatherapy. Your biggest decision is going to be which one to choose.

Just take a look!

For clipping diffusion into your car

Aromables® — Bright shiny reusable and portable things to clip onto dashboard air vents or overhead sun visors. Air movement diffuses scent your way. In a scented resin collection of Cottony Fresh blue, Ebony Forest black, Freesia red and Speedway black on grey. Refills sold separately fit any color model you choose.

Scent Slides™ Unplugged — a wee bit fancier décor in a medallion series of colors and fragrances. Also, reusable, portable, add the scented resin fragrance wafer into the unit, then onto visor or air vents, and go. In Tahitian Vanilla, Mountain Air, Evergreen, and Apple Orchard. So. Much. Fun. Portable for use in home and hotel air vents, too.

For aromatherapy from the car’s 12-volt charging system (cigarette lighter receptacle/phone charger

Power Car Fragrancer™ – 12 volts of aromatherapy from essential oils. Slides into car’s 12-volt charger. Three color models. Each sold with 4 packs of essential oil blends that refresh, energize, and rejuvenate.
For inserting into car’s USB port

FlashScent® USB Aromatherapy Diffuser with essential oils is the newest addition to The Gift of offerings, FlashScent® is an easy way to create essential oil aromatherapy wherever you find USB ports, including in your car. In two pretty color combos with open filigreed designs for the best fragrance throw. Sold with essential oils of lavender or peppermint, both known for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. FlashScent also works in laptops, or USB wall outlets, which means “everywhere” these days.

For just tossing in cars and trucks where you need it.

Power Fresh® throw and go — these pre-scented resin darlings are designed for tossing into gym bags, workout gear, lockers, and sneakers to keep things fresh between workouts. Toss under seats, cubbies, trunk. In refreshing Sparkle, Not Sweat™; Suck-it Up, Princess™; Knock Out Punch™; Cottony Fresh™; Ebony Forest.

Truck Puck® — makes me wish I had a truck. It’s more pre-loaded scented diffusion for the stronger smells that truck enthusiasts can bring home. In fun designs and scents to salute fishing, hunting, farming, camping, and off roading. In Citrus Sky™, Campfire Nights™, High Range Cedar™, Tillin’ and Chillin’™, and Watermint. I just might sneak one of these into my car.

Now I’m looking forward to brighter and fragranced-enhanced horizons while I drive. And that is my wish for you, too.

All on The Gift of Scent. Com.

And stay safe and healthy out there.

Jean Van Gray for The Gift of