How Do Wax Warmers Work?

    Our wax melts are perfect for use with any standard wax warmer, either traditional, or electric. By placing one of these wax melts squares onto your wax burner and using a tea light or electric burner to burn the melt square, you can allow a beautiful scent to distribute throughout the room.   Read More

Essential Oils And Their Health Effects

    Getting started with essential oils can be overwhelming – but can be so powerful! Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, which is a form of alternative medicine.   However, some of the health claims associated with them are controversial.   This article explains what you need to know about essential oils and Read More

Essential Oils Help Soothe Fever Symptoms

  Learn how to use essential oils in your life! A collection of valuable resources, tips, tricks and reviews to help you get started with essential oils! Diffusing essential oils enhances your environment by filling the room with the particular fragrances of the essential oil or essential oil blend you’re using.   If you’re wondering Read More

Essential Oil Diffusers With Amazon Reviews

  We all know essential oils smell amazing but did you know there is some exciting research linking these oils to real health benefits! This guide to essential oils aims to empower you with information and provide clarity on which essential oils are best suited for your needs. There are several different types of essential Read More

Essential Oil Diffusers – Maximize The Benefits of Aromatherapy

    Essential oils have been used by people around the world for centuries for everything from religious purposes to healing the sick. Today, people rely on essential oils to improve health, including to improve relaxation and sleep, to improve digestion, and to improve the skin. Because of their high concentration, essential oils often are Read More

Use Electric Diffuser Like An Expert

  What is the best electric diffuser – there’s so many on the market you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. I know I was! You want one that will last and be good quality, but you also might want one that is cost effective. Perhaps you’re looking for something more stylish that will suit Read More

Electric Diffuser For Babies – Safe Options And Their Uses

  When most people think of humidifiers, they also usually think of oil diffusers. That’s because most people don’t know what a humidifier or a diffuser is — just that both appliances do something involving the air. Let’s clarify what these two devices do before anything else: A humidifier keeps a room’s atmosphere moist. A Read More

Electric Diffuser – Choose The Right Air Freshener

  Electric diffuser or Essential oils – which one should I pick? It’s a common question. Essential oils are great but it seems like they run out in a flash – and they’re usually quite expensive. That’s where electric diffuser come in. They can disperse diluted oils into the air thus making sure your body Read More

Make Your Own Reed Diffuser With Water

I really dislike artificial fragrances, especially those plug-in types of air fresheners that are full of chemicals. Give me essential oils any day. However, many of the nicer reed diffusers are also pretty pricey. Paying $20 or $30 for a store-bought one seems rather silly when many of us have the raw materials to make Read More

How to Set Up a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are the hottest trend right now in home fragrancing! Rattan reeds are inserted into a glass bottle or glass jar of scented diffuser oil. Each rattan reed contains about 20 “channels” that run the entire length of the reed. Much like “mini-straws”, these channels “suck” the oil to the top of the reeds. Read More