When I welcome people into my home I’m always asked how to make the reed diffusers I use, as they make the house smell amazing. But get this, they are always shocked at how easy it is! I make these regularly to keep the house smelling amazing and unlike some store bought alternatives, they are free from preservatives and potentially harmful chemicals.



As sunny weather starts to shine through the clouds, we begin spending a lot more time outdoors relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. With the sun comes a season of outside events, from garden parties and barbecues to outdoor weddings. Little details can that have an impressive effect on the atmosphere of any event and fragrance is hugely useful in creating the perfect ambience.

Scent is big part of memory, so fragrance can help to craft special memories of whatever you’re celebrating. Scent can also enhance a party’s theme, like pairing a beachy-inspired theme with a fresh, coastal scent like Sea Breeze or replicating a floral motif in a wedding bouquet or decorations in fragrance.

With their detailed, decorative design, Fragrance Lamps are a beautiful means of scenting events. Their incredible fragrance release makes them ideal for use in large venues. There are always plenty of things to worry about planning an event, but Fragrance Lamps are flameless and provide long-lasting scent for a stress-free fragrance solution.

With a large collection of Fragrance Lamp designs to see, you’re sure to find one to fit your event.

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The classic symbol of romance is given a fresh twist in this reed diffuser from The Scented Home. The velvety scent of rose is blended with lily, narcissus and geranium to create a soft, romantic scent perfect for showing your affection on Valentine’s Day.

Diffuser bottles come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Which diffuser bottles are best for reed diffusing your room?

There’s no set answer but for easiest use and placement, we recommend that you use the smallest diffuser bottles in powder rooms or small tables where a larger one might simply get in the way. 4 oz and 8 oz fit the bill for these and we have them in lots of colors and shapes to go with any decor.

Locate your reed diffusers in a place where tail-wags won’t hit them and where they won’t be brushed accidentally by your little ones.

The fragrance of reed diffusers can be refreshed at any time by simply flipping the reeds. Do this at a sink so you don’t accidentally spray your wallpaper or linens.

When the diffuser reeds no longer seem to be throwing scent, just replace them with a fresh batch of diffuser reeds.

For as little as $7 per 100 you’ll have enough for many months of scented fragrance to fresh the air in your home or business.

Everyone’s home has a fragrance of its own. I was reminded of the reality of this yesterday when I forgot to set the timer while baking up a batch of sweet potato chips. I was able to get the char off the cookie sheet, but the smell.

We get used to the way our home smells and hardly think about it. Our guests, however,  pick up on its distinctive fragrance—good or bad—immediately. Ever notice how you are tuned into the scent when you open the front door after you’ve been away for a few days?

Fortunately you can fine tune the personal fragrance of your home with Reed Diffusers. home fragrance

Fresh Linen in your front hall can give your home that well-cared-for feeling. Or maybe you have a bouquet of spring flowers that you want to accent. Use Gardenia or Lilac Blossom.

In our house, it’s the Douglas Fir reed diffuser in the downstairs bath that smells so good when I return home. And of course, the downstairs bath had better smell good because that’s where our guests will eventually end up during a visit.

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At the Gift of Scent we celebrate our most cherished sense and delight in the majestic ambiance and tranquility that fragrance inspires.