If there is anything the COVID pandemic showed us it’s that we know how to reinvent and reimagine.

Lots of companies are reopening offices to bring back staff whether part-time, full-time, or in a hybrid mix. Everyone is getting flexible.

The sands are shifting. Picture packing a toy bag for bringing Junior to work or telecommuting two days a week to save the frazzle of fighting traffic or being asked to work only the same number of hours your kids attend school. Or a four-day work week. These are all good things, right?

Or maybe a bit confusing and destabilizing? Can anything remain the same? How are we going to maintain our balance and direction?

At the Gift of Scent.com we have nifty suggestions for bringing balance to your universe when work becomes home, home becomes work, and the uncertainty of well, everything. It can be exhausting.

Where’s the balance?

Thanks to innovations in diffusing essential oils, you can have the balancing powers of aromatherapy everywhere you are.

So try losing the things that get you off balance.

Lose the coffee.

Start the day with the pick me up of peppermint essential oil in a Belle Aroma’s Flash Scent® USB diffuser inserted into your laptop.

Lose the road rage.

When it’s time to commute, take Flash Scent with you. If your car has a USB port, essential oil diffusing is wonderfully pleasant in the confined space of a car for arriving relaxed and refreshed.  

Belle Aroma® also makes an Aromatherapy Scent Pendant that hangs from your rearview mirror. A few drops of the sold-with essential oil placed on the absorbent ceramic lotus charm diffuses essential oil while you drive.

Lose the crowd.

At the airport, essential oils in a Flash Scent are not so strong that they affect others nearby, but you’ll still get the benefits of aromatherapy when loaded into your laptop.

Lose the stale air.

USB ports are almost always in hotel rooms now. Clear the air with the earthy scents of pure and natural ylang-ylang or clary sage. Refresh the air with peppermint, organic sweet orange, or lemongrass.  

Lose the up-tightness.

At home, relax, unwind, and fall to sleep with lavender essential oil in a tabletop aromatherapy diffuser with an auto shut-off. Load with water, a few drops of essential oil and let it run.

With a variety of essential oils and essential oil diffusers, find your balance no matter where you are.  

Find it at www.thegiftofscent.com