Electric scented oil diffuser helps reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, and strengthen the immune system.

Humming ever so silently, this electric essential oil diffuser provides an exceptional relaxation experience at the comfort of your bedroom. Its health benefits are simply amazing. It’s easy to use; after measuring the amount of water using the cup, one pours it into the diffuser’s tank and closes the lid. As you enjoy the soothing aromas, play around with the light button.

A fusion of function and form, the diffuser is specially made to relieve the user from coughs, colds and flus, skin conditions and dry air. Using the measuring cup, the user dictates for just how long the diffuser will run before its 100ml (approximately 3.4 oz) tank is exhausted. It’s easy to clean, a component which makes it possible to use different aromas without mixing them up. See details



Scented oil diffusers can fill your room with a lovely fragrance. Essential oil diffusers help evaporate the oil more quickly in order to intensify the aroma they release into the air. In terms of scent intensity, turning on a diffuser can be compared to lighting a scented candle.

Is your atmosphere feeling a little drab? Using an oil diffuser is one way to instantly freshen things up, adding some moisture to the air while emanating the scent of your choice softly throughout your space.

Ultrasonic oil diffusers are the most popular and widely available type, only needing a small amount of distilled water and a few drops of an essential oil to operate. When switched on, a small disc located at the base of the device vibrates at an incredibly fast speed, disrupting the water held inside and breaking apart the water and oil molecules so that they turn to vapor. The mist is then channeled out of the device in a mesmerizing, billowing plume.

These devices are a fantastic alternative to air fresheners and scented candles, because they don’t disperse potentially harmful, unknown chemicals into the air, and the ultrasonic operation doesn’t pose a significant fire-hazard risk. However, oil diffusers may not be the best air-freshening option for households with pets. Some essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats in varying doses, and folks who live in small-space homes or studio apartments are strongly recommended to eliminate all exposure that pets could possibly have to these substances.

Also, do make sure that you’re only using pure, naturally derived essential oils with your diffuser to prevent headaches and other health risks. Finally, remember to thoroughly clean your oil diffuser after every use. Oil-infused water that sits in your device could harbor bacteria that’s very harmful to breathe in if vaporized. See details



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