Essential oils are uplifting and can have positive effects on your mood. The aroma of essential oils can help improve the mood and atmosphere in your home. Learn 5 different aromatherapy diffuser blend you can use in your home or work place.



We’ve almost made it a virtue in our culture to stay over-busy.

Yes, I’m guilty of this too. We love to relay our war stories of how many different balls we are juggling and how sleep deprived we are. I’ve made strides to remedy this, but there are some things in life that are simply beyond my control (like…a baby that will be arriving soon and keeping me up nursing through the night).

While it’s smart to simplify and get the rest you need, for those days when you need a little pick me up don’t reach for the caffeine reach for one of these 5 uplifting essential oil blends to fight fatigue!

How to These Essential Oil Blends

Many essential oils offer properties that can uplift your mood, fight fatigue and give you that extra boost of energy to get through the day ahead. These oils are nature’s gift and are here to support your total wellness.

Before we hop right to the fatigue fighting blends, let’s chat about how to use these blends. I made some mistakes when I first started using essential oils and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. See full article



Let’s face it, we’ve all been hurdled with the blues at some point in our lives but depression is more than just feeling low, and for some it is a severe disorder that they struggle with every day.

Everyone likes to be full of energy and feel prepared to tackle the day. But many of us aren’t very good at maintaining high levels of energy and wakefulness throughout the day.

Instead, we often get in habits of going up and down with our energy levels. We use stimulants to boost and uplift our energy to get our tasks done, but then we crash and feel equally low energy for a while.

So how do we keep consistent levels of wakefulness and energy, without the crash?

The solution is to nourish our bodies and minds. And essential oils can help us maintain high levels nourishing energy if we know how to use them right!

Below you’ll find a list of 14 essential oils for energy, followed by some simple blends and applications that you can use. We’ll conclude with some additional non-essential oil based natural remedies for increasing energy and wakefulness. See full article



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