New eBook: “Aromatherapy 101: Everything you need to be an at-home aroma therapist”

View more If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you know that aromatherapy is one of our favorite subjects at The Gift of Scent. Essential oils are all the rage, and for good reason! The powerful plant essences can promote optimal health and wellness for every system in our bodies. From digestive health Read More

Essential Oil Blends for Fall

View more Fall has to be the best season for home fragrances. From pumpkin spice to apple orchard, spiced vanilla to crisp fall air, autumn aromas are familiar and cozy. While I love the fall-scented candles and traditional fragrance oils during this time of year (not to mention the fall foods and sweet treats!!), I Read More

Live the Fit Life with Aromatherapy

Essential oils are all the rage. They’ve entered the scene and aren’t going away anytime soon. The almost 5.2 billion dollar a year industry has become a huge part of the consumer world. Another thing that isn’t going away anytime soon? The fitness “craze.” Maybe it’s because I’m in the age group most targeted by Read More

The new workplace is everywhere now. But where’s the balance?

View more If there is anything the COVID pandemic showed us it’s that we know how to reinvent and reimagine. Lots of companies are reopening offices to bring back staff whether part-time, full-time, or in a hybrid mix. Everyone is getting flexible. The sands are shifting. Picture packing a toy bag for bringing Junior to Read More

Make Your Time Outside (and Inside) More Pleasant with Essential Oils

View more Summertime is here again and all my favorite outdoor activities came with it: camping, bonfires, grilling, hiking, swimming… I love being outside in the summer. Unfortunately, certain outdoor pests tend to flock my direction when I’m outside…and I don’t love that. I also love being out in the heat when I’m by the Read More

Feeling Ready for Summer? Essential Oils Can Help

View more Summer is almost here! Are you feeling ready for it? If you’re feeling bloated or low on energy from the cold weather and heavy comfort food of winter and spring, summer clothes and swimsuits might not sound so great right now. There are countless programs and supplements on the market and advertised through Read More

Pure and natural or organic? That is the question

View more Ah. Beautiful, all-natural essential oils distilled from plants provide some of the most deeply gorgeous fragrance experiences Nature has to offer. We have curated our top favorites for you to enjoy in convenient 10ml size bottles just to hold under your nose, or to use in fragrance diffusers for home, car, work and the Read More

Freshness in a Flash with Long-Term Benefits

View more The modern society we live in is one of instant gratification. Half of us live as fully as possible into the instant gratification life with no regrets. We like our information instantaneous and are never out of arms reach of our phones. We are fans of fast and pre-made food because there is Read More

The Fragrance/Memory Connection

View more The other day, I was driving with the windows rolled down when I passed a city crew cutting the grass in the medians. The wind was blowing loose hair from my ponytail against my cheeks. I had my left elbow out the window and I could feel the sun on my skin.  I Read More

May is mental health awareness month. A little bit of aromatherapy each day might help.  

View more May is mental health awareness month and here at The Gift of Scent, we have been personally affected by the impact of mental health challenges on ourselves, as well as family and friends. And though we are not doctors, or associated with any medical fields, we are people acting in concert to create positive fragrance experiences with scents from plants that have been reported to lead to better well-being.   Since Read More