Summer Hazards and How to Use Essential Oil Recipes to Beat Them

Essential Oil Recipes for Deep Summer Abandon the laptop. Lose the phone. Suit up and get out of doors! Stay on the beaten path and maybe you’ll avoid some typical summer hazards. But if nature and the elements get the better of you, essential oil remedies for bug irritations, sunburn, poison ivy, and even bug Read More

Message in a Bottle

I was once on an ocean cruise that I really didn’t want to be on. I found myself saying yes in honor of a special birthday for a special friend. After all, I could use some time to relax. But I soon learned to have the time, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to be able. Read More

Beating the Stay at Home Blues

Belle Aroma™ and Amrita® Essential Oils can help. Whether you’re working from home or just having to stay at home, who’s not looking to feel better these days? As an e-commerce distributor in the aromatherapy diffuser business, The Gift of has witnessed how essential oils can work to alleviate stress, and ease tension and Read More