Beautiful, all-natural essential oils distilled from plants provide some of the most deeply gorgeous fragrance experiences Nature has to offer.

We have curated our top favorites for you to enjoy in convenient 10ml size bottles just to hold under your nose, or to use in fragrance diffusers for home, car, work and the new “home-office.”

You’ll want to hurry while supplies last, because supply chains all over the world are running behind these days.

Here’s the complete line up of Belle Aroma® Essential Oil aromatherapies on TheGiftofScent.com.

Go 100% pure and natural!

Or, go pure, natural and organic!

The Belle Aroma® Organic Essential Oil line possesses all the pleasing qualities and attributes of the same oils listed in the 100% pure and natural line.

Plus, they’re organic! Just pure unadulterated single-note essential oils harvested in an organic environment.

Try savory and warm Fennel Organic EO to energize your senses with its warming aroma.

The Belle Aroma Organic Essential Oils line also includes:

Organic Lavender: Also in Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Sweet Orange!

Organic Essential Oils

Plants and botanicals grown for the purpose of producing an organic essential oil are grown in soil free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers and contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Pure and Natural Essential Oils

“Pure” and “natural” are words used to describe no human interference. Natural is derived from nature and implies minimal processing having no artificial ingredients, carrier oils, additives, solvents, or synthetics.

Why not all organic?

The Gift of Scent seeks to provide all organic options all the time, but the challenge to supplying certified organic products is product availability. Climate and environmental conditions are major factors affecting producers’ ability to maintain certification as organic growers.  That’s why the pure and natural line is so important to us, too. Single notes, no additives, no synthetics, no carrier oils to dilute quality. Just nature.  

Don’t forget to order these little treasures to line your nest. You know I hardly ever get this promotional on this blog, but with all the continuing uncertainty with supply chains, this is one time I am suggesting you get the scoop on supplies while they last. At $6 and $8, they’re a steal. Get your tried and true and try something new.

Have fun!

Jean VanGrey for TheGiftofScent.com