Hit “Refresh” this New Year with Fragrance Products

I’ve seen so many people on social media talking about how they want to hit “restart” in 2020. They think the year was a waste…that it was the year the world stopped and that it will show up as a big blank page in all our narratives. But I disagree. True, 2020 is the year Read More

Focus on Recovery This New Year

Wow, what a year 2020 was, am I right? Are you tired of hearing that yet? 😉 I feel like, even though the world was basically on pause for the whole year, I didn’t get any rest. And after how the world imploded, I feel in desperate need of real rest and recovery. I’m focusing Read More

Energize Your New Year with Essential Oils

Whether or not you’re setting New Year Resolutions in 2021, we could all use a boost of energy to tackle this next year. There are so many pieces that go into cultivating a healthy energy level: quality of sleep, stress level, exercise/movement, hydration, quality of food you consume, etc. There are also hundreds of supplements Read More

Do You, Be You with Fragrances that Fit Your Personality & Style

View more If I’ve learned anything from the year 2020, it is the importance of being true to who I am. Life is way too short to be anyone other than exactly who I am. And that lesson has had me asking myself a lot of important questions about how to show my personality in Read More

DIY (Do It Yourself) Holiday Spa Experience

By the time Christmas comes around after the rest of the holiday festivities each year, my nervous system is taxed. Between shopping, cooking, family events, travel, and the general stress of the season, I’m in need of a spa day. Massage, facial, body scrub, pedicure, manicure…I’d love it all. While I would love to receive Read More

DIY Cabin in the Woods: The Get Away You Need…Without the Hassle

I don’t know about y’all, but I could use a retreat to a cabin in the mountains right about now. After adjusting to the “new normal” of daily life and getting antsy hanging around at home, I just want to hole up in an idyllic cabin somewhere and disappear for a few weeks. But since Read More

Peppermint Essential Oil: Oh, How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways…

Mentha x Piperita in Latin. We call it “peppermint,” a natural cross between water mint and spearmint.  When the flowery parts of this hybrid plant are pressed and compounded, the emerging oils become the wonderfulness of peppermint essential oil (EO) used in the making of candy canes that pop up everywhere this time of year.   Read More

Make Your Home the Scent of a Hallmark Christmas Movie

Is anyone else already watching Hallmark Christmas Movies? No? Just Me? 🙂 OK, maybe a better question is, how many of you WANT to be watching Hallmark Christmas Movies right now? That’s right, all of you! I’ve never been on set for a Hallmark Christmas Movie myself, but I don’t have to be there to Read More

A Gift of Scent is a Gift of Love.

Is it better to give or receive?   Over the ages, gift-giving has been a sign of friendship, love, admiration, or deep regard for the recipient. Three kings of middle eastern descent walked a long way with their gathered emulsions of gold, frankincense, and myrrh —tirelessly harvested distillations of precious metals, tree resins, plants, and Read More

Mix and Match No-Mess Fragrance Tarts™ For Your Favorite Holiday Fragrances

The Holidays are coming up, and I’m already looking forward to all the baked goods, the fresh-cut trees, and the crisp air that puts me in the Christmas spirit. I have my gift list all set and I’m on the lookout for the perfect holiday recipes. What is your favorite part about the holidays? Mine Read More