If you’ve managed to really hurt your back or are suffering from sore muscles that simply won’t get better, then you need to get into your bath! This homemade bath soak for sore muscles will help alleviate sore muscles and other minor physical discomforts. You will love this homemade bath soak and read on.



Give your sore muscles a bit of TLC. This soothing bath soak uses garden herbs and Epsom salt to help restore your muscles after a hard day in the garden or from working out. When you put Epsom salt in water, it breaks down into magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium plays a vital role in your overall health and well being. A deficiency in this nutrient can cause many illnesses. Not only does the level of magnesium in your body play a key role in physical well being but mental well being too. Low levels can unbalance hormones, increase stress susceptibility and even affect your mood. Epsom salt is a great way to top up your magnesium levels along with this DIY Magnesium Oil.

Together with the healing powers of the herbs, pine needles and essential oils this soak will relax muscles and loosen stiff joints. The pine needles, eucalyptus and mint all have natural pain-relieving qualities complimented by Epsom salt and lavenders ability to soothe and relax. You will certainly get a good restful nights sleep after one of these baths. Read more



General soreness after exertion (Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)) is typically cause by micro tears in the muscle. Over time as the muscles rebuilds itself stronger to accommodate the activity, soreness should decrease. You can read more about this.

To many of us, a bath is so much more than just a way in which to clean ourselves; it is a way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work or even an emotionally draining weekend. It is that quiet time that we get to ourselves where we can be alone with our thoughts, catch up on some reading, or causally sip a glass of wine (hey, no judging!).

And you’re not the only one who can benefit from these homemade bath salts; they make perfect budget-friendly gifts. You can store them in beautiful airtight jars, add a pretty ribbon and label and create a tailor-made set for a friend.

All-Rounder Lavender
In the realm or essential oils and aromatherapy, lavender is the most versatile with the greatest variety of benefits; of all the oils, lavender is the one that is used the most in the world. In terms of its physical benefits, it helps with skin abrasions (and burns) and disorders like acne and psoriasis, alleviating headaches and relieving pain – especially sore muscles and backaches. The calming aroma is also known to help with anxiety, depression and emotional stress. Lavender is also ideal for insomniacs as it can help to improve both the quality and length of sleep.

Pain-Busting Peppermint Concoction
If you’ve managed to really hurt your back or are suffering from sore muscles that simply won’t get better, then you need to get into your bath! We’ve found the perfect mixture that combines all the best anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving essential oils. The main component is peppermint which cools the skin and calms irritation.

Replenishing Mojito
As much as a few strong mojitos can relax you at the end of the day, a mojito bath may actually do it better – and there’s no headache the next morning because these oils actually help cure headaches. The fragrant smell of mint and lime is uplifting yet calming in itself; it’s a great way to refresh yourself after a tough day.

Happy Rose and Milk
Rose oil helps in lifting spirits: it is best known for aiding emotional problems such as anger, anxiety, depression and stress. It’s also the chosen essential oil for times of grief. When it comes to the skin, this floral oil is great for any skin type but works best for dry or mature skin. The milk works together with the Epsom salts to remove dead skin cells.

Flu-Fighting Eucalyptus and Vanilla
Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is highly recommended for when you’re stuck with a cold, flu, fever, sinusitis or coughing – it should help clear the stuffiness in your head. Overall, it is known for its calming effects. It also has great deodorizing properties so not only will you feel better, but you’ll smell better too! Jojoba oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin, and the vanilla infused aroma will calm you even more.

Revitalizing Grapefruit
Grapefruit oil is a real pick-me-up; it’s great for when you’re feeling really fatigued, lack energy, or if you’re suffering from jet lag. This tangy yet sweet smelling oil will also help combat cellulite (helps remove excess water) and can help to clear congested oily skin. In general, the high vitamin C content gives the immune system a boost.

Rosemary for the Mind
Your rosemary baths should probably be reserved for the mornings before a big day rather than before bed, because it is known to stimulate mental awareness, alertness and focus, and also promote memory retention. It also helps to relieve pain caused by muscle cramps, aches, spasms and stiffness.

Lemon Detox
The rich, sharp and fresh scent of lemon alone is already uplifting and energizing, but in your bath it will also exhibit cleansing properties as it acts as a general tonic. Lemon oil also helps in fighting infections, boosting the immune system, cleaning greasy skin, and easing pesky insect bites.

Soothing Oatmeal
You may have heard of using oatmeal to treat eczema of the painful itchiness of poison ivy; that’s because it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. You can add any essential oil that you like to this mix – the oatmeal is the real star as it will soothe irritated, dry or sunburnt skin.

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