Benefits of Burning Soy Candles

    When it comes to candlelit dinners, soy is the way to go. Holiday dinners are usually centered around family, great food, and a gorgeous table glowing with candlelight. Most people set the table with paraffin candles, but they’re not really a great option.       While we may no longer rely on Read More

Essential Oils and Safety

    Essential oil diffusers are excellent tools to get beneficial essential oils into the air, where their effects can be felt. They have long been used in aromatherapy treatments as they help to cleanse the air and promote soothing feelings in the environment. Although they are usually used for either aesthetic or therapeutic purpose, Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Wax Warmer

    Wax melts offer fragrances similar to scented candles, without a wick and potentially without a flame. Wax melts release fragrance as they get warm and begin to melt. The heat source may be a light bulb, electricity or a tealight candle, depending on the type of receptacle used to warm the wax in Read More

How Does an Electric Diffuser Work?

    Electric aromatherapy diffusers are a bit less effective in spreading a strong aroma, however they tend to do a good job at spreading a weaker aroma throughout a larger room.   These types of diffusers may be a bit more expensive than other types that might only use a flame, for the simple Read More

How to Diffuse Essential Oils and No More Mistake

    You have this fancy new device that everyone told you about, and now you have no idea what to do with it. Question number one is always how many drops of essential oil go in a 100 ml diffuser?   Don’t worry you aren’t alone! A lot of people new to essential oils Read More

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles under Your Eyes

    “If sleeping with your face in a pillow is a nightly routine, then you can develop permanent sleep lines. And you don’t have to plunge head first to get these lines; even years spent sleeping on your side can cause wrinkles.”   ~ American Academy of Dermatology   But there is hope … Read More

How long does scent last in wax warmer?

    Less is More! You’ve probably heard this saying many times. Well, it’s true when talking about wax warmers. We often get asked “how long does your wax cubes last?”   This is a hard question to answer, as there are many contributing factors. We test all our fragrances using a 25 watt bulb Read More

How Much Essential Oils Should I Add to The Diffuser?

    Knowing how much essential oil to add to a diffuser starts with knowing how to use one. They are very simple to use, even though there are different models. In general, they should be placed up high to allow maximum dispersal.   Even though each model may have some differences, they are simple Read More

Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh with Car Fragrance

  Car air fresheners have been around for ages and almost anyone has one inside their cars these days. Just like any other type of air fresheners, car air fresheners are designed to keep the car smelling nice at all times and to rid the car of any nasty odors that might otherwise make the Read More

Best Car Oil Diffusers – Pleasant Driving Experience

    Is your daily commute stressful? What if you could reduce your stress with aromatherapy on the go?   All you need is one of the best car essential oil diffusers.   If you want your car to smell really nice during your daily commute, then it simply makes sense to buy one of Read More