Feeling Ready for Summer? Essential Oils Can Help

View more Summer is almost here! Are you feeling ready for it? If you’re feeling bloated or low on energy from the cold weather and heavy comfort food of winter and spring, summer clothes and swimsuits might not sound so great right now. There are countless programs and supplements on the market and advertised through Read More

Pure and natural or organic? That is the question

View more Ah. Beautiful, all-natural essential oils distilled from plants provide some of the most deeply gorgeous fragrance experiences Nature has to offer. We have curated our top favorites for you to enjoy in convenient 10ml size bottles just to hold under your nose, or to use in fragrance diffusers for home, car, work and the Read More

Don’t Let Bad Smells Ruin Your Day

View more We know how essential oils and pleasant aromas can improve our mood, but in my experience, bad smells have just as much ability to put me in a bad mood as good smells have to put me in a good mood. You know what I mean? When the kitchen trash smells super ripe, Read More

Freshness in a Flash with Long-Term Benefits

View more The modern society we live in is one of instant gratification. Half of us live as fully as possible into the instant gratification life with no regrets. We like our information instantaneous and are never out of arms reach of our phones. We are fans of fast and pre-made food because there is Read More

The Fragrance/Memory Connection

View more The other day, I was driving with the windows rolled down when I passed a city crew cutting the grass in the medians. The wind was blowing loose hair from my ponytail against my cheeks. I had my left elbow out the window and I could feel the sun on my skin.  I Read More

May is mental health awareness month. A little bit of aromatherapy each day might help.  

View more May is mental health awareness month and here at The Gift of Scent, we have been personally affected by the impact of mental health challenges on ourselves, as well as family and friends. And though we are not doctors, or associated with any medical fields, we are people acting in concert to create positive fragrance experiences with scents from plants that have been reported to lead to better well-being.   Since Read More

How Do You Honor a Memory?

View more This Memorial Day season, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we honor the memories of people we love. I keep thinking of the line in the Mackelmore song, “Glorious” that goes, “I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave / And the second time is the last Read More

Mix & Match No-Mess Fragrance Tarts for Spring

View more What is your favorite part about Spring? Mine is when the trees flower and every block has a different fresh floral aroma. Then the flowers start to pop—filling gardens and landscaping with every color. My favorite flowers are tulips and daffodils. I keep using the word “fresh” or “refresh” to describe Spring because Read More

Busy, On-The-Go Moms Deserve Fragrance Favorites for Car & Travel

View more Moms are rock stars. Seriously. Do you know anyone else who, with little (if any) formal training can manage schedules of multiple humans, build her own career, be creative in any number of different ways, show love and affection to her family and friends, and still manage to actually function as a normal Read More

Help Mom Create a Home She Loves

View more Is there anything better than the feeling of coming home after a hectic day to a place you feel comfy, relaxed, and content? On the other hand, is there any more stressful feeling than having a hectic day and having to come home to a house that is a wreck with its own Read More