Sunburn Solution with Homemade Bath Soaks

A sunburn can take you by surprise after a day at the beach or the pool. You don’t begin to feel the effect of a bad sunburn until a few hours after the exposure, so you may not realize it until too late. Once you begin to feel redness, pain and swelling, the symptoms will Read More

How to Use Bath Salts

If you’re anything like me, drawing a bath seems like much-needed therapy after a long day. I’m always on the constant lookout for ways to enhance the bath experience. On this quest, I discovered something I did not expect—the versatility of the simple bath salt. Bath salts come in handy for more than just exfoliating Read More

How to Use an Eye Pillow?

Eye Pillows completely block out light as it conforms to your face and eyes. The Eye Pillows are perfect for sleep, yoga, relieve stress, meditation, help relieve migraines and headaches, puffy eyes or just to relax.     Bo Forbes tells us why the humble eye pillow is one of the most powerful tools for Read More

How Do You Make Eye Pillows?

Those of you in need of a reliable eye pillow would know by now just how hard they are to come by, the quality ones at least. Intended to relieve stress and provide comfort throughout the night, these pillows aren’t always as smooth and comfortable as advertised, which is where a bit of market knowledge Read More

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow Pattern

How does it work? The Eye Pillow works firstly by shielding the eyes from light and then secondly by applying either warmth or cool to the forehead and eyes relieving facial muscle tension. Eye pillows are often also scented with aromatic herbs to help clear sinuses and stimulate the immune system.     Try my Read More

Handcrafted Candle with Essential Oils

Candle consumers are getting more choosy about what their candles are made of. Increasingly, researchers are advising candle fans to burn paraffin candles sparingly to avoid side effects like migraines or asthma attacks. I’ve noticed that many candle-makers are switching to soy wax because it’s natural and nontoxic. This post will help you to make Read More

Light Up The Evening With Hancrafted Candle

  Handcrafted candles are romantic and relaxing. They can help relax and set the mode depending on the day or night. This guide is for those who are looking for to enjoy a peaceful evening with their lovers. Keep reading on. NO MATTER WHAT THE EVENT IS, IF YOU WANT YOUR TABLE TO LOOK REFINED, Read More

Why Do You Select Handcrafted Candle as Wedding Gifts?

  Figuring out how much to spend adds another layer of difficulty in the decision making. Guests want to give a wonderful gift, but budget can be an issue, especially if you’re a younger guest. To learn why do you select a handcrafted candle as wedding gifts, keep reading- Next, to DIY projects, my second Read More

Handcrafted Candle – Boost Your Energy

    Everyone has a stressful day now and then. While there are many different ways to relax after a long stress-filled day of activities, few work as well as aromatherapy. No matter what the event is, if you want to look refined, refresh and energetic, a handcrafted candle may help you. This post will Read More

Handcrafted Candles – Decorate Your Home | Great Ideas

Handcrafted Candles are a great way to bring light and fragrance into a room, and making a romantic environment. You can use your homemade candles to decorate your home. This post will help you to choose the best one and you will get a great ideas on handcrafted candle.     Nothing says “home” more Read More