Is anyone else already watching Hallmark Christmas Movies? No? Just Me? 🙂 OK, maybe a better question is, how many of you WANT to be watching Hallmark Christmas Movies right now? That’s right, all of you!

I’ve never been on set for a Hallmark Christmas Movie myself, but I don’t have to be there to know exactly what it would feel like. Here’s the recipe for a good (and somewhat cheesy) holiday movie:

  • 1 part a relaxing, but exciting, “holiday spirit” atmosphere
  • 1 part snowy mountains
  • Dozens of candy canes
  • A real evergreen tree decorated to the max
  • 1 part falling in love by the fireplace
  • 1 part baked goods
  • 1 part light family drama that works out in the end

Just mix it all together and add some hopeful and uplifting music—with some sleigh bells, of course!

While I will, sadly, never star in a Hallmark movie, I love that I can create the feeling of being there with holiday fragrance combos from The Gift of Scent!

I want my guests to get in the Christmas mood right when they enter my home, so I have a Snowy, Christmas Mountains scent by the front door:

Can’t forget the trip to Santa’s Village on the square of whatever small town the movie is set in! My bathrooms smell like Santa’s village:

Since I have the opposite of a green thumb—and pets who like to nibble on branches of real trees—I have an artificial Christmas Tree; so to get that Christmas tree fragrance I love:

    And if you love the scent of a fireplace crackling, but don’t have a fireplace, put the Fireplace video from YouTube on and set out the Campfire Nights™ Truck Puck®. It’s not just for the truck. 😉

    I like to bake some during the holidays, but I’m definitely not the baker my grandma is, so to get all the awesome fragrances I love in the kitchen, without the mess and effort, I use my Wax warmers and Plugables® Home Fragrancers:

    And finally, since the holidays can be stressful (with the inevitable light family drama), I try to create a calming atmosphere in all the bedrooms:

    I may or may not consistently walk around my house reenacting various scenes from my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies… 😉

    Happy Holidays!