No-melt tarts are the new 2020 wax and wick candle – no flame, no fuss, no muss. Bring the refreshing air of the garden indoors, you can even skip the messy cleanup after.

Can no-melt tarts stand up to wax melts and traditional wax and wicker candles? Keep reading to find out!

What are No-Melt Tarts?

Not to be confused with a wax melt, No-Melt Tarts are small, scented EVA resin that emits strong scents with low heat from any traditional wax warmer. They don’t melt unlike wax melts or candles, making cleanup nonexistent. The vented shape of the wax tarts is designed to emit a consistent fragrance throughout the day (whether heated or not). 

Shop a variety of scents from the Belle Aroma collection such as Apple Orchard, Mountain Air, Sweet French Lavender, and more from the brand. Enjoy a floral bouquet, the scent of freshly picked apples, or a perfume with warm citrus notes. You’re guaranteed to find one you’ll love.

How do you use No-Melt Tarts?

Pop one or two no-melt tarts into your favorite wax warmer and turn to a low setting. Once the scent of your wax tart has faded, simply toss it out and replace it with a new one. 

Store in a dry, cool area away from sun exposure when not in use. The wax tarts are stored in fragrance-barrier packaging so you don’t have to worry about the cold throw.

What do you use No-Melt Tarts with?

You can use the no-melt tarts with a wax warmer from any of the leading brands. Keep in mind that you only need to use them on a low setting, this will help extend their lifespan while still giving you a full scent.

Color your room with delectable aromas using electric warmers and accessories from Gift of Scent that you can use with all essential oil, no-melt tarts, and wax melts, suitable for all preferences. With a wide range of electric tabletop and pluggable warmers in various designs, sizes, and colors, grab one that will please the eyes and the nose.

Are No-Melt Tarts safe to breathe?

Yes, Belle Aroma No-Melt Tarts are generally safe to breathe. Because they are also free of flames, they are safe to use at homes with kids and pets. Wax warmers with no-melt tarts are easy to care for, all that’s left to do is enjoy the wonderful aroma.

Search for an ingredient list and customer reviews for toxic ingredients you want to watch out for. Contact customer service for additional product info. The best products make use of soy wax and essential oils as main ingredients as they burn more cleanly. 

How long do No-Melt Tarts last?

It depends on how frequently you use them and the settings of your warmers. Belle Aroma No-Melt Tarts last three to four times longer than wax melts, and only require low heat to diffuse the scent. Wax tarts perform much more efficiently and are your best in price options. 

We recommend using wax warmers with timers so you can fragrance your home on your own terms, hassle-free. Leave them on safely for only four hours or continuously throughout the day.

It’s Decided – Add A Belle Aroma No-Melt Tart To Your Cart

Cool off in the summer with a Grape Soda No-Melt Tart, stay cozy in the fall with the Apple Orchard No-Melt Tart. Whether you want a relaxing fragrance in the privacy of your bath or a zesty scent for when you have company, there’s a No-Melt Tart for every occasion. 

With a wide range of sweet scents and fresh fragrances, you’ll find the perfect aroma for every mood. Use it with an electric wax warmer or your DIY wax warmer. Clean up is quick and simple, even nonexistent. 

Which Belle Aroma No-Melt Tart fragrance will paint your home this 2020? Check out and purchase your No-Melt Tart today!