You’ve heard the joke about the freshmen 15. Freshman goes to college in the fall. Returns in spring 15 pounds heavier.  

Between the cookie jarfree-range use of the kitchen, a broken scale and a lost key to the treadmill, these days people are talking about the COVID-15, not the year, but the pounds that can happen when you are stuck inside, left alone with food and a batch of freshly made anxiety.  

And no tongue in cheek intended here. Thousands have suffered great loss due to circumstances we cannot control. It is with humility that we may need to acknowledge our anxiety and impulsive eating may have led to some extra pounds. We can’t be blamed.  

We could easily be filling up on anxiety. How do we bounce back?  

Maybe filling our sense of smell with non-calorie activity can help 

Smells have a pronounced effect on the brain’s limbic system where mood is delivered. Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb to the body’s central command for further processing.  

Our sense of smell informs what we want to eat, when we want to eat, and the memory and emotion of the pleasure of eating.  

Our sense of good scents can help us feel filled-up”  relaxed, energized, grounded, satisfied, not needing to anxiety eat.  

So, here’s a tip.  

Gift yourself just about any product on The Gift of to have good smelling scents all around your home and workspace.

Some examples: with a Plugables® Fragrancer paired with a food-related scent of Apple Orchard, Candy Cane, Fresh Cut Melon, Green Tea, Pumpkin Spice and Spiced Vanilla.

For yummy smelling flowers, plants, sea and sky scents, Plugables® Fragrance Oils also come in Pine Grove, Lavender Fields, Sea Breeze, Cotton Clouds, and Wildflowers. 

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Or for selections a little more classic and low profile, there’s the Plugables® Medallion series featured in a wide range of colors to complement your décor.

The Gift of Scent also features the beautiful mosaic Plugables® Fragrance Vase in stunning blue, gold, and multi-color for diffusing fragrance oils, wax melts or No-Melt Wax TartsHow about tasty Brown Sugar Biscotti, Apple Orchard, or Grape Soda scents diffusing around the kitchen?  

Hopefully, we are on the way out of the woods on all of this. Until then, satisfy your desire to anxiety eat with good smells that don’t have calories. 

Jean VanGrey for