There’s nothing like setting up and decorating your Christmas tree with holiday carols humming in the background, evoking childhood memories, and preparing us to make some more good ones this 2020. But what if I told you that there’s a way to make your tree even more festive and meaningful? 

The Gift of Scent brings us scented ornaments designed not only to bedazzle and to spread cheer but also to diffuse fragrances that will completely immerse you in the holiday spirit. The best part – these decorations are an easy and transformative way to spruce up your tree, and they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And it’s not because these scented ornaments are flame and oil-free.

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Icy Cinnamon Scented Holiday Ornament

As the cool winter breeze nips at your nose, allow the comforting scent of this cinnamon-scented ribbon ornament to soothe and warm you up. The charming and classic design will sit beautifully next to the family’s own DIY craft and decorations. The crimson red glitter perfectly matches a lush green firth, and the scent pairs well with a cup of hot cocoa and a fresh batch of Santa’s cookies. 

The entire family – especially the kids – will love this one. The smell will remind them of mom baking her famous cookie recipe, kneading the cookie dough, while they experiment with the different shapes of their cookie cutters.

If you have a favorite scent or a fun one you’re content with, here’s some good news: You don’t need to replace this. Like all ornaments, they will hang upon your tree and decorate your home until the end of the holiday season.

Snowflake Scented Holiday Ornament

Enjoy the crisp night air on Christmas day with this amazing snowflake scented ornament. This blue, jewel-toned ornament will look splendid on a paper white tree, perfect for those that love a white and snowy Christmas. The glitter will not just contribute to the view of your glistening tree, but also please your senses.

Share stories and recipes at the family table while the fragrance of fresh pine cones colors your home. The notes of sweet sap and the sweetness of vanilla and butterscotch will draw even Santa Claus to your tree. He’ll have his fill of dessert before he’s had time to search for his milk and cookies.

Tree Scented Holiday Ornament

When an artificial tree doesn’t quite cut it, this festive scented pine tree ornament will add the familiar aroma you’ve been missing – the search is over. You’ll think you have the real thing in your home. Now it’s Christmas time.

Color the air with the fragrance of fresh mountain air, transporting you to your log cabin for free. This scented ornament will infuse the bouquet of fresh air into your tree and create a bright and energetic atmosphere for everyone lounging nearby. You don’t need to leave the comfort and privacy of your own home to enjoy the cool and woodsy aroma.


Store the scented ornaments in a cool and dry area until you want to use them. Hang them wherever you like on the tree, the fragrance will fill the entire room wherever you place them. It comes in a fragrance-barrier packaging that will retain the aroma until you open it up. They come with strings, making it easy to pin them up.

You can already smell the holiday cheer. With the lasting power of these scented ornaments, you’ll be able to enjoy them until the next family gathering and even until spring decides to roll in. The winter holiday will be over before you’re due for a new one.

With Christmas, only days away, add to cart and have them sent to your work or home address and to everyone you love so they make it in time for Christmas.

Check out and shop scented products and great Christmas ideas at Gift of Scent to make this holiday the best and most festive one yet. Robust scents come in small and fun packages. 

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