How does it work? The Eye Pillow works firstly by shielding the eyes from light and then secondly by applying either warmth or cool to the forehead and eyes relieving facial muscle tension. Eye pillows are often also scented with aromatic herbs to help clear sinuses and stimulate the immune system.



Try my easy eye pillow pattern to make a quick (and soothing) eye pillow that stays comfortably in place while it blocks out the light. You’ll find it’s easy to customize this eye pillow pattern to suit your needs.

Supplies For One Eye Pillow

These little eye pillows are made from just a few scraps of fabric sewn together to create a pouch that’s filled with either flax or rice. Both of those ingredients drape nicely over the eyes, adding a bit of weight without being too heavy.

We added dried lavender blossoms to my pillow. The blossoms are soft, and won’t protrude through the fabric. Other fragrant dried blossoms can be used, too.

Before you begin, download the Eye Pillow Template. Sew pieces together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Use any type of soft fabric to make the pillows.

Cut out the template and pin it to your fabric. Cut two pillow pieces.

Place the eye pillow front and back right sides together, aligning all edges. Secure with straight pins.

Start sewing along the top (straight) edge, about 3″ from a curved corner, backstitching at the beginning of the seam.

Sew around the pillow, stopping about 2″ from your starting point. Backstitch and remove from the sewing machine.

Make 3 to 4 clips straight into the seam allowance at the lower curve — the area that will eventually fit over the nose.

Turn the pillow right-side-out. Insert a blunt object (a capped pen, the handle of a small wooden spoon, a hera marker or other similar tool) into the pillow and push gently into the seams to smooth any wrinkles. Turn the pillow wrong-side-out again if you need to clip into or trim back seams that are too bulky.

Use a funnel to insert flax or rice into the opening at the top of the pillow. Add lavender flowers or another soft herb if you like, but don’t overfill. The object is to create enough filler to keep the pillow draped over the eyes, but not so much that the weight is bothersome. If you don’t have a funnel, make one by rolling a piece of paper into a cylinder that’s larger on the ‘fill’ end.

Turn under the seam allowances at the 2″ opening and join edges with a hand or machine stitch.

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After taking into consideration hundreds of models from various producers, we put together a list of the ten best eye pillows money can buy for you to look at.



If you have recurring headaches or migraines, an eye pillow can reduce your symptoms. Most eye pillows target key pressure points in relieving head pain or nasal congestion while offering some form of hot or cold therapy. If you’re a fan of aromatherapy, you may also be able to find an eye pillow that emits a soothing scent like chamomile or lavender. Check out these ten top eye pillows to find the best and most luxurious way to treat headaches.

IMAK’s compression eye pillow relaxes tired, puffy eyes while relieving muscular tension in and around your forehead. It is easy to wash, which prevents molding and mildewing between uses. The pillow blocks out all light so your eyes can rest and prevents headaches caused by light sensitive.

Hot & Cold Eye Pillow by Happy Wraps lavender eye pillow by Happy Wraps offers aromatherapy and light acupressure to relieve pain in your eyes, head, and sinus passages. Its plush silk fabric is filled with flaxseed and French lavender flowers, both of which are mold-resistant. The eye pillow can be frozen or microwaved depending on your needs, and it can offer moist therapy when sprinkled with water.

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