People get stressed every day, especially with how fast the world is changing. When this stress piles up, it may be hard to deal with it. One of the best ways to remove stress is to find a quiet place and meditate. Or better yet, you can actually hasten the process by using an eye pillow.



Filled with lavender and flax seeds, this Peruvian eye pillow can provide many benefits.

From the birthplace of much ancient culture and history are the Shipibo, an indigenous group of people who live in the Amazonian rain forest area of central Peru. The Shipibo are known as Masters of the Ayahuasca ceremony and skilled artisans who channel inspiration from the spirit world and the power of the rainforest.

This pattern emanates across the design of the Peruvian Eye Pillow found in September’s Wellness Box.  The Peruvian eye pillow is filled with flax seeds and natural lavender. In addition to being a soothing treat for your weary globes at the end of the day, here are some other useful purposes for the Peruvian eye pillow.

As a palm rest for your desk – an important part of protecting your hands from musculoskeletal injury when sitting at your desk typing all day is by resting your wrists between typing, as can be seen on some ergonomic keyboards that come with palm rests to relax your hands.  Use your eye pillow as a rest between intense typing sessions by placing it in front of your keyboard at home or at work.

As a headache reliever – put the eye pillow in your fridge or freezer for up to 30 minutes or an hour and use on your forehead or anywhere else you need some cooling relief!

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You may not be familiar with an eye pillow but it is actually a healing tool that anyone can use. It helps in relaxation by removing your pent-up stress and helping you achieve a sense of peace. It can even help you gain some relief from common colds and headaches.



Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy rituals around the world. For over 2500 years this beautiful and fragrant flower has been linked to relaxation and stress relief. From ancient Egypt to the Victorian era to modern day, lavender has been used in everything from perfumes and sachets to antiseptics, cooking and tea.

When used as a fill for a silk eye pillow, Lavender can relieve headaches, soothe tired muscles, aid in meditation and help improve sleep. According to Bo Forbes, an integrative yoga therapist, an “eye pillow is one of the most powerful tools for healing, health and happiness.”*

Here are three ways to use your eye pillow for medicinal and meditative purpose.

Quiet your mind

Let’s be honest, whether you’re going for total relaxation with the savasana pose or practicing meditation, sometimes it’s hard to block out all of the distractions and keep your anxious mind from wandering. A lavender and flaxseed eye pillow will not only help block out the light, but the antioxidants in lavender can help lower your stress hormones and create a calm and peaceful atmosphere to help you let go. This can also be used to prepare your mind and body for a long and restful night’s sleep.

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