Get deeper relaxation and into your meditation with Eye Pillow. The soft and soothing satin-covered eye pillow has a lavender scented fill that provides natural calming aromatherapy to help relieve tension and stress. The ideal tool for relaxation, meditation, and yoga- relieves tension and stress, satin-covered eye pillow, calming lavender scented fill, provides natural aromatherapy, ideal for relaxation, meditation, and yoga.



I teach yoga to kids.  It’s quite awesome. Every session, we (me and my yoga cohorts) try to come up with inventive crafty fun for the kids that…

  1. keeps their attention (sometimes challenging for pre-k’s and kindergarteners)
  2. leads them into the deeper aspects of yoga (yamas & niyamas) in fun, positive ways
  3. gives them something to bring home to help them remember their yoga practice
  4. reminds them that THEY are beautiful, gifted, talented, unique, special, joy-filled and perfect ‘just as they are’ souls

Now…I have eye pillows that we use in our practice, just not enough to go around. The kids LOVE every thing about them. In their opinion they are mysterious and important parts of our yoga practice that smell “delicious,” as described by one little yogi. They love to feel the silkiness of them and sometimes they place them across their neck or on top of their heads – gotta love it!

But, again, I don’t have enough to go around and I thought it might be a good learning experience for them to actually see what went into making eye pillows and give them something to cherish because it was made by their own hands.

Here’s my Eye Pillow Recipe (pulled from looking online at recipes and patterns coupled with what I figured out along the way).

The Material:

You need TWO 10 inch by 4 inch pieces of fabric – you can find really fun remnants that are super cheap and fabric stores. Be creative! You can mix and match fabric designs making each side different if you like. You can make them bigger if you’d like but I wouldn’t recommend making them smaller.

Cotton works great but you need to wash it prior otherwise it isn’t super soft. If you can find silk, it feels yummy over your eyes but it’s more expensive and you don’t typically find the exciting and fun designs that you get with cotton. My eye pillows I bring along to yoga events and for private sessions are silk and they really are quite awesome. We used cotton for the kids yoga project.

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The practice of yoga is an experience that’s out of the everyday world. At the end of a yoga session, a few minutes spent wearing an eye pillow. Each pillow has a removable insert filled with a mix of linseeds, providing a gentle and flexible lightweight cushioning effect, and lavender seeds, to relax the spirit and soothe the senses. The removable covers of the eye pillows are made from machine-washable fabric in 100% cotton or velvet fibres that feel so soft on the skin.



People get stressed every day, especially with how fast the world is changing. When this stress piles up, it may be hard to deal with it. One of the best ways to remove stress is to find a quiet place and meditate. Or better yet, you can actually hasten the process by using an eye pillow.

You may not be familiar with an eye pillow but it is actually a healing tool that anyone can use. It helps in relaxation by removing your pent-up stress and helping you achieve a sense of peace. It can even help you gain some relief from common colds and headaches.

Research says, applying light pressure on the eyeballs lowers heart rate by prompting oculocardiac reflex. (Wiki oculocardiac reflex for more details) .

Eye pillows come in various styles, designs and type of fabric. And different fillers. Rice, wheat, linseed are some of the most common types of eye pillow fillings. Dried flowers like lavender, dried herbs can also be used to fill eye pillows.

So how do you use an eye pillow? Here are some of the ways you can use them:

You can use your eye pillow to help you sleep at night if you are having troubles with your sleeping patterns by wearing one over your eyes like a regular eye mask or you can wear it around your forehead.

You can also use it when you are meditating so that you feel more relaxed.

Use the eye pillow anytime you feel stressed out, nervous or just feeling blue. Just put it over your eyes or your forehead and let it work its magic on its own.

Here are some of the benefits you can get from having an eye pillow.

Since most eye pillows have essential oils inside mixed with herbs, it can help in resting and calming your mind.

It can help in freshening your vision and even revitalizing it, especially when your eyes feel very tired.

If you had too much exposure to your computer screen, television screen or mobile phone, using an eye pillow will help in sedating your nerves to relax both your mind and body.

Can be used as hot compress by microwaving it for 10-15 seconds depending on your eye pillow fillings or cold compress by refrigerating your eye pillow.

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