ScentSlide™ Fragrance Wafer Refills

But what’s that little waffle doing in my ScentSlide™ and why does it have so many
holes? The better to fill your room with fragrance, my dear.

But what do I do when the fragrance grows dim? Recycle the little waffle and slip
in a new one, my dear.

No riding hoods necessary here. Though her basket of goodies is well
represented – Apple Orchard and Tahitian Vanilla are delicious enough to tempt
any wolf and then there’s Icy Cinnamon and Grape Soda too.

Exotic teak and Moonlight Citrus to remind him of his howling days. For Evergreen and Mountain Air for the scents of home.

For use with all your ScentSlide™ Portable Fragancers, just insert the fragrance of
choice and enjoy many weeks of delightful aroma.