Plugables® Fragrance Oil Refills

Are you wondering what a bath would be like with Coral Seaside swirling in the air. What about you, your couch, Spiced Vanilla, a coffee and a book. The TV room could use some Wild flowers to counter act the fragrance of old socks.

So difficult to choose between say… a taste of caramel and a bit of cream to wake you in the like Creme Brulee or a bit of something bright and clear like Fresh Cut Melon. Would the entryway be more inviting in Lemon Basil or Green Tea? It is inevitable. You’ll just have try them all.

Plugables® Fragrance Oil are designed to work with the Plugables® Electric Diffuser to give the ultimate sensory experience: the way the bottle feels in your hand, the color of the oil, the satisfying click when it snaps into place. Every fragrance is specially formulated to scent the room consistently without overpowering, to last 30 days.

Core fragrances include fruity, woodsy, floral, spicy, and fresh options, while the Fall/Seasonal line brings home your favorite holiday aromas.

Use Plugables Fragrance oil refills, just align the wick and snap in place to enjoy 30 days of enchanting aroma.