Power Fresh® Portable Air Freshener

Ahh the aroma of unwashed gym clothes, stuffed in the back of the closet and allowed to age. The fine scent of a dog bed left out in the rain, drying in the trunk of your car. The bouquet of the mudroom shoe closet mixed with the remains of a bologna sandwich from last week.

Sometimes what you need isn’t pretty. Sometimes you need a punch of something powerful enough to knock the smell out. That’s where these babies come in. Don’t need fancy right now. Power is what’s needed here.

With a solid scent load designed for impressive fragrance release, Power Fresh® pucks bring weeks of freshness wherever they land.

Power Fresh comes in five mighty persuasive scents. Choose your ammunition.

Suck it up Princess – If a peach wrested a pear to the ground, rubbed his face in a bunch of tuberose’s and then sat on him.

Sparkle not sweat – Some pretty forceful flowers here, the kind that do push ups over lunch wearing cashmere hoodies. The fruit is no wimp either, it can bench press vanilla. No mean feat.

Knock out Punch – Well of course if you want to throw some pheromones around, musk, orris, vetiver. Just what you might expect from a pretty incredible smelling locker room.

Ebony Forest – Dress that tiger of yours in leather and let him loose in the jungle. Just be prepared. He cleans up good.

Cottony Fresh – White linen and flowers doing more than just smelling pretty. This champ can neutralize. Like a fluffy white bunny with a bazooka.