ScenTrio® Warmer

Warm scent filling the air around you to the perfect degree. Your favorite smells blended together in a warmer that allows for experimentation. In any form you choose.

Mixing fragrance oils or a single essence, mixing wax fragrancers or No-Mess Tarts™; or choosing to leave anyone of these on in any room for hours without concern. Plug-in warmth and a glowing presence that will dim at at a touch. We’ve included a No-Mess Tarts™ just to get you started.

In Wrapped Copper Wire – retro modern. Dark Bronze leaf print – Mid-Century Traditional and Platinum lace – Contemporary Bohemian .

For use with all No-Mess Tarts™, wax tarts, essential oils and fragrance oil refills, just follow the directions for the fragrance method of choice and enjoy the delightful aroma.