A winter evening, crisp with the scents of Christmas, fragrances are memories. Open the secret door to the magic side of Christmas. Bring back the hidden child that waits each year to hear Christmas carols. These scented Holiday Ornaments can do all that.

Ornaments to hang wherever the fancy takes you. On a wreath, on a tree, on mantelpiece hung with stockings. On a door knob, on a nightlight, on every single Santa in your Christmas collection. Bringing the scents of Christmas home.

Just imagine where you might install a brown sugar gingerbread man. That deep red bow would look very nice hanging from the knocker on your back door, make the mudroom smell like cinnamon, warm and clear. That cross or the tree could be hung on a wreath, a little extra tree smell just to emphasize the season, and the cool, golden snowflake has the place of honor with the scents of evening, nestled in right by your bed. Scents and memories, some yet to be made.