I’ve seen so many people on social media talking about how they want to hit “restart” in 2020. They think the year was a waste…that it was the year the world stopped and that it will show up as a big blank page in all our narratives.

But I disagree. True, 2020 is the year the world “stopped,” but really, the stopping was a pause. Though so much of the year was fraught with difficulty and sadness, this great pause also gave us the chance to take stock of our lives—to find out which parts of our existence we needed and loved and which parts were just filler.

I don’t think we need a “restart” with the new year. We don’t need to just forget the year 2020 ever happened and move on to 2021. Instead, we need a “Refresh.” We need a chance to change perspectives and think with a renewed mindset in 2021.

It’s time to start thinking about ways we can refresh our minds, our bodies, our lifestyles, and our spaces so the year 2021 can be a year we will look back on fondly as the year we learned who we are and lived with integrity.

Here are some ways to “Refresh” your home, workspace, vehicle, and even your body and mind this new year with fragrance products from The Gift of Scent:

Refresh Your Home

Let’s start with the space where most of us spent our time this past year — home. You don’t have to wait for Spring Cleaning to Refresh your home! Don’t let the stagnant air of 2020 keep you feeling stuck. Refresh your home with products like these:

Refresh Your Work Space

Whether you work from home or are back in the office, your workspace could use some refreshing essential oils to motivate you and give you energy every day. Try these fragrances in your workspace:

Refresh Your Vehicle

When you have to get from home to work in a musty vehicle, any positive feelings you left home with are most likely gone by the time you hit the first stoplight. Refresh your vehicle with these fragrance products:

  • And the vehicle is another perfect space for a ScentSlides Unplugged Portable Air Freshener! The ScentSlides are equipped with a visor clip, and can be used with Fragrance Wafers or essential oil applied to a Belle Aroma replacement pad, keeping your vehicle smelling fresh for your drive.

Refresh Your Body & Mind

And finally, the most important refresh we need this new year is a refresh of our body and mind. Take a renewing bath to help you feel refreshed and ready to step confidently into the new year:

  • The I Am Energized Salt Soak from The Gift of Scent is the perfect way to refresh your body and mind. The hand-blended combination of uplifting, organic essential oils and herbs with Epsom and mineral-rich Himalayan pink salts will help boost your mood and energy, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the new year has to offer.

Remember: We don’t need a redo of 2020. We just need to Refresh our mindsets and step into the New Year with a renewed sense of who we are and who we want to become.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Kate Healy for TheGiftofScent.com