The Holidays are coming up, and I’m already looking forward to all the baked goods, the fresh-cut trees, and the crisp air that puts me in the Christmas spirit. I have my gift list all set and I’m on the lookout for the perfect holiday recipes.

What is your favorite part about the holidays? Mine is the familiar feeling I get when the air starts to change, twinkly lights start popping up around town, and the bakeries are putting out their apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, eggnog, and spiced vanilla goodies.

I get excited butterflies in my stomach this time of year—like I’m an extra in a Christmas movie or I’m a kid devouring cookies and waiting not-so-patiently to open presents on Christmas Eve. When the first snow falls, I feel like the scene is all set: the Holidays are here and my Holiday Spirit is at the max.

Think about the downtown bakery, or Grandma’s kitchen, or the Holiday decorations stores…how do they smell during the holidays? Can’t you just about smell all of those places just by thinking about them?

Recreate those fragrance scenes and the excitement and spirit of the season with No-Mess  Fragrance Tarts™ from The Gift of Scent!

Grandma’s Kitchen or the Local Bakery Scent Combinations:

  • In your wax warmer, warm 1 Apple Orchard and 1 Brown Sugar Biscotti for an apple pie, apple dumpling, or apple crisp fragrance
  • Make a fall-fruit or mulled cider fragrance with 1 Grape Soda and 1 Apple Orchard
  • Add 1 Grape Soda and 1 Sweet French Lavender for the fragrance of a lavender berry cake baking in the oven

At Home in the Holiday Spirit Scent Combinations:

  • 1 Brown Sugar Biscotti and 1 Evergreen smells like cookies in the oven while you decorate the Christmas tree
  • Nothing says Christmas like an idyllic cabin in the woods decked out in lights and decor; add 1 Mountain Air and 1 Evergreen to your wax warmer for a cabin in the woods fragrance
  • Calm and crisp, 1 Mountain Air and 1 Sweet French Lavender will give you the holiday season feeling of being cozy and content with sparkling lights and nativity scene figurines
  • Feel like a kid waiting anxiously by the tree to open presents with 1 Grape Soda and 1 Evergreen in the wax warmer

Get your favorite fragrances in the No-Mess Fragrance Tarts™ and more holiday aroma favorites in Holiday Bundles from the Gift of Scent! Our fragrance gift experts have curated bundles for everyone on your list:

In the For Her Bundle, get the Brown Sugar Biscotti No-Mess Fragrance Tarts™, as well as a Plugables® wax warmer, a Plugables® home fragrancer, Spiced Vanilla Fragrance Oil, and a White Tea and Rose Soy Candle.

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Kate for TheGiftofScent.Com.


Kate is a writer and editor from Iowa. She speaks in movie and TV quotes, could eat only breakfast food, loves dogs more than most people, and is an aromatherapy enthusiast.